Xbox One DRM, Did it go as planned?

A lot was made of Microsoft, and their attempt at implementing their method of digital rights management(DRM) on the Xbox One. Most of the internet was a buzz about it, every major gaming publication was covering it, every gamer who had a blog had their own opinion about how it would ruin gaming, and even some major news outlets decided to do a story on it. Now that Microsoft has decided to change its mind about the proposed DRM strategy, the big question is “Did Microsoft plan this?”

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Dlacy13g1998d ago

Did MS plan a PR media disaster? That has to be one of the worst questions ever posed for an article given of what we know. If they had planned it they would have pulled the PS4 card and announced the reverse on stage at E3.

Xaphy1998d ago

the thing is people dont trust microsoft anymore. What else would they come up with? what else would they change? what will happen next? no one knows.

ceedubya91998d ago

I don't know why anyone would trust any of these companies. Microsoft told everyone upfront about the stupid 24 hour/DRM stuff. And then they told everyone that they decided to do away with it. Some of the higher ups have been putting their feet in their mouths during the process sure, but they haven't really done anything other than make themselves look unorganized and foolish. They haven't done anything to us gamers, as the console hasn't even released yet.

loulou1998d ago

microsoft should call the press, and do another event in july.

apologise for the confusion, show some games, then swallow a price drop. now that DRM has been dropped, they should strike while the irons hot so to speak

solidworm1998d ago

Trouble is the iron is most definitely cold.

Dlacy13g1998d ago

@loulou... that will be Gamescom. They most certainly will take that opportunity to come out humble and show their other new unannounced games.

HammadTheBeast1998d ago

Exactly, people think this is planned? Having your product get months of hate before being revealed, then double that after the reveal, then being completely humiliated.

Obvious plan is obvious.

ddurand11998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

scheme or not, it got them ALOT of free marketing.

now well see a slew of articles about the redacted policies.

im positive this was not their intent, though. but its certainly interesting to consider

rainslacker1998d ago

most of the articles I see now are complaining about the gamers who ruined the family sharing plan. It's not all sunshine and roses for the MS marketing camp. I don't envy those guys. Marketing has to fix the screw ups of their PR department.

rainslacker1998d ago

Tomorrow I predict an article listing the top 5 reasons why it is the most genius plan ever. Followed by the top 10 reasons why it's the worst idea ever.

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Godmars2901998d ago

If you want to run this as a conspiracy, a scheme to keep XB1 in the spotlight, then you really need to consider what it says about MS. That they would attempt to manipulate and exploit their consumer base in such a way.

How it doesn't come off worse than if they'd gone through with their original plans I don't know.

solidworm1998d ago

Microsoft employees making up these desperate articles.

gazgriff2k121998d ago

Simple answer NO. short answer ms thought loyal xbox customers where brain dead sheep i think they have learnt there lesson. Even with the 180 on DRM xbox brand has been damaged

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