Forza 5 Developer Best Explains Cloud Technology: Create AI Agents to Win For You

"With all the fuss and confusion regarding what the Cloud can actually do, Turn 10 studios' Dan Greenawalt has explained how it will work for their upcoming racing simulator: Forza Motorsport 5."

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GentlemenRUs1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Then... What's the point in playing if a BOT does it all for you?

Ah well, Guess you can choose to turn it on and off!... I hope...

Urusernamesucks1970d ago

The difference is the bot is having all the fun and your not.

Richard Cypher1970d ago

Again they try to make us think that the cloud thing add something to gaming but it won't in 99% of gaming style.
And it has been technically proven than it can't enhance real-time graphic.

dedicatedtogamers1970d ago

Press X to win.

I guess Forza is just taking cues from Ryse.

Loki861970d ago

The amount of misinformed people on this site about both of these games is staggering, do some research.

Ryse all button prompts and slow down can be disabled with hardcore mode. Forza download AI then you get XP based on how your avatar does in these races ON OTHER CONSOLES.

AutoCad1970d ago

@dedicate isnt what you all do in god of war?

rdgneoz31970d ago

@AutoCad Except Ryse will complete the cinematic kills for you even if you screw up the button prompts...

GameCents1970d ago

Yes dedicated, you are exactly right. When Forza 5 comes out, you'll pop it into the console and then press X and the game will be over.
Thank you so much for that wonderful insight. Now we don't need to hear from you in another Forza 5 article again because you've educated us so well.

Well done. Your parents must be proud.

LonDonE1970d ago

I am sorry but gran turismo 5 has b spec mode, where you coach bots to drive for you and earn you cars and money, and thats on PS3, whats so revolutionary about that? it was a waste of resources on gt5 and will also be a waste on forza, the garbage these devs come up with to milk the fans, instead of concentrating on things which matter, LOLOLOLOL

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Loki861970d ago

When your Avatar(refuse to say what it is actually called) is downloaded then you gain experience based on how your AI does on other consoles. You still play your game and earn experience as normal. Sounds pretty innovative and a good incentive to make the game harder.

kneon1970d ago

It sounds stupid to me. So you get XP without even playing, that's dumb. I thought the GT b spec was pretty much just filler to pad your wallet but this is even worse since you don't even have to do anything.

GentlemenRUs1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I hope there will be a way to turn this off, I like to play games... Not let some program do all the work for me :(

EDIT: I would also like a reason why people disagree, I'm all ears... I won't bite ;)

1970d ago
1970d ago
kneon1970d ago


The concept is fine, but you shouldn't get XP for it, that's the dumb part


This is not rocket science, the use of "cloud computing" in this context is overblown. They will simply parameterize your driving characteristics and feed that into their AI algorithm on the other console. It's not that difficult and doesn't really need cloud computing, only cloud storage so that your parameters can be accessed by others.

Thomper1970d ago Show
darkslayer2081970d ago

they are just bluffing since xbone is 1.2 teraflops they want want to back it up with cloud shit and compete with PS4's 1.84 teraflops .. they think gamers are idiots and will never figure out what cloud is really for.. without cloud Xbone games will look bold and dull and i can guarantee that multi-platform games will look better in PS4 offline..

Haules1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

In Forza 5 car plays you...

GameCents1970d ago

It's a Microsoft game, quick lets nitpick it to death and pretend this feature will keep people from enjoying their game!

Everything Microsoft does is a way to stop gaming from being fun amarite?
I'm so tired of coming to the comment section of this site and being bombarded with nonsensical complaints about everything. Please keep your pessimist attitude in the forums.

I mean for crying out loud really? You really think a bot is going to "have all your fun"?

Again I ask, is there a class that you people take to spin everything xbox related into a negative?

GentlemenRUs1970d ago

"Again I ask, is there a class that you people take to spin everything xbox related into a negative?"

There must a class which you take to take a stab at anything when someone does not like a feature...

3-4-51970d ago

When your not playing, your bot is being you, in other people's games.

Therefore, when you race's actually AI based on real players actions, not some set code.

It changes and adjusts all the time and becomes more like you the more you race.

It will make racing offline feel like you are racing online.

It's great for single player honestly, if it does actually work out that way.

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Wikkid6661970d ago

Context is a terrible thing to waste.

Confickercrash1970d ago

All this and T10 can't even use the cloud to make rain.

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C4BL31970d ago

I understand what Turn 10 is doing with the AI. However it seems like M$ just pulled the plug on "Cloud Gaming" to make it seem like we are missing out. Like they expect us to cry "NO Please put back the DRM check in so we can have all this cloud stuff." or something.

Loki861970d ago

No the "cloud stuff" is still essential part of the console as they said in their statement.

Also, Conficker that made me laugh, good one.

AngelicIceDiamond1970d ago

@C4 cloud is still MS "vision" Mandatory DRM has absolutely nothing to do with the cloud and games utilizing it.

captain_slow821970d ago

so there pretty much doing what the iphone game real racing 3 is doing then lol

thats what ms are doing with the cloud really lol

kneon1970d ago

That sounds like it's just based of the final lap times rather than any real analysis of the driving characteristics.

captain_slow821970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

i have the game on iphone and yes its a very neat trick how it works....

and it could be done on any console rite now...

point is try the game on iphone then play forza 5 then disagree with me because im 100% certain u wont

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