Amazon: PS4 Already 2nd Best Selling Video Game Product of 2013, Xbox One 7th

Earlier today, told us that next gen console pre-orders had smashed their sales records, even beating out Black Friday sales, but they declined to clarify which console was in the lead. - PSLS

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Relientk771947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Great news, glad to hear it

That's crazy, because it's not even out yet

let's see PS4 dominate just as the PS2 did

Also, that image is awesome lol

doctorstrange1947d ago

And PSN cards are number one, crazy to see PS dominating so much.

miyamoto1947d ago

Get ready for an industrial revolution!

Dir_en_grey1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

If you want to see real domination...

In the UK the best seller of 2013:
PS4 is at 4th, and XBone is at 70th

NewMonday1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

for a neutral or a Sony fan it would look like the PS4 will sweep..

..but hardcore 360 fans(specially in the USA) are more immersed in the Xbox ecosystem then the even the PS2 generation, mainly because of the connected social community it created, many would put up with a lot of BS to preserve it and unwilling to face the unknown in a new platform.

the XB1 DRM was a breaking point for the majority but now that is supposedly reversed the bleeding should stop or slow at least.

but MS has another problem which is the low yield in manufacturing, they decided not to down-clock so that means less functional parts, leading to less units for sale. Sony are also attacking this vulnerability by accepting all orders for the PS4 and making it available everywhere anytime in the USA.

and another point Sony are pushing is getting the new generation, the lower price and kid friendly game(Knack) will make it the better option as present for the kids.

Pixel_Enemy1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

@newmonday, As I said before. 360 had a year lead along with PS4 launching it a ridiculous $600. These two things put 360 in a very good place at launch. Once everyone had one, people bought what their friends had because gaming is more social and connected now. Even people with both consoles ended up getting multiplats on the system that all of their friends used.

This generation might be a complete swing in the other direction. If PS4 is the popular system, people will buy what their friends are playing on.

Launch is a critical time for these companies for this reason alone. It will carry on into the life cycle like it did last gen. It took Sony all of last gen to finally catch up and surpass the sales of 360. (in the US)

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GamersRulz1947d ago

The crazy part is PS4 launch edition sold out in 2 hours! and still unavailable.

Sitdown1947d ago

You do realize the launch edition is in bundle for now right? We might not see the stand alone launch edition until after release day......since Amazon has gone the Gamestop bundle route. Anyhow, doesn't matter to me, cause I order the stand alone as soon as it popped I have the hard decision of deciding which game to start with.

zeee1947d ago

It's exciting to see the console wars however, I think these articles are starting to look rather silly.

PS4 has been on top and that is a fact but that doesn't mean it won't change. Are we really going to post a new article every time a console drops or climbs a spot?

There are so many variables right now. The pre-order availability, bundles etc This will keep going up and down especially now when MS have reverted back to their old policies. Things are starting to heat up.

I am expecting to see PS4 in lead but then again, anything could happen. It could be a HUGE lead, could be small percentage or heck Xbox One could also dominate holiday 2013. 5 months is a long time. The marketing hasn't even begin so give it time. May the best console win.

dedicatedtogamers1947d ago

The gap is only going to become wider. There have been rumors circulating for months that the Xbox One will have constrained supplies (due to eSRAM yields, due to overheating problems, etc.) for the first several months, which would allow the PS4 to race ahead.

Of course, Microsoft will come out and say "Xbox One is the only console still sold out because of incredible demand!" even if the PS4 is selling four times as many consoles per month.

Roper3161947d ago

ya MS is a master at always having a BS answer or just outright lie to make themselves look good.

NextGen24Gamer1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

The cool thing is that the top 20 on Amazon is split even with 9 of the top 20 being xbox products and 9 being sony products...And the xbox one is still holds the #1 spot though it's their is only one version selling at this point and a higher price! People who thought price would be an issue is proven wrong with Xbox One being the best seller on Amazon.

Don't get me wrong, I still believe that the ps4 will ultimately outsell the xbox one.

I just believe those who thought the xbox one would fail is 100% wrong just like this last generation when sony fans thought the xbox 360 would fail.

Competition is good and 9 and 9 in the top 20 lets everyone know that the gaming industry is alive and well!

I've decided though with the xbox one to only buy digital. I will no longer give money to Gamestop! They profiting and hurting the game industry. It cost money to make these incredible games and as a consumer I want ALL THE MONEY to go to the guys who make the games, thus giving them the budgets to make bigger and better games in the future!

Gamestop can kick rocks!!!!!!!

Also on Amazons top 40

Xbox products 19
Sony products 17


Not drinking any koolaid...Go to Amazons current top sellers list and Xbox One is still #1 in the US. Though ps4 has several skues in the top 10. That's what I'm referring to!

Topshelfcheese1947d ago

What koolaid are you drinking? its 7th with ps4 in 2nd right now and has been for the last couple days.

-GametimeUK-1947d ago


There is more than 1 list so it is understandable that people can get confused. There is a best seller list with Xbox1 currently at the top, but there is a also a total best selling list in which PS4 is 1 and Xbox1 is 7th. I think the Xbox1 is at the top of a trending style list, but the PS4 is still the overall top selling console there (as it stands).

KwietStorm1947d ago

Nice research report you got there.

DoesUs1947d ago

@Elite, I thought sales wasn't your thing? Silly me.

MariaHelFutura1947d ago

Fact: The Amazon poll (94.7%) gets taken down 2 weeks early and a few hours later the Xbox One magically jumped to #1 on Amazon.

Quite a coincidence.

kneon1947d ago

Right now the XB1 holds the #1 spot. The PS4 holds the #3, 4, 6, 9 and 16th spots. So 25% of the top 20 products are variations of the PS4 SKUs.

Things are clearly still not going the way Microsoft would like.

reko1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

@topshelfcheese and gametimeuk

dude he works for amazon so he knows
what hes talking about. /s

greenlantern28141947d ago

umm article says ps4 number 2 xbox1 number 7 but i guess ms math means xb1 is number 1. but even if xb1 is number 1 and they are not that would only be because the ps4 launch editions on amazon are sold out.
every major retail has ps4 soundly beating xb1 even in the states

The_HarryEtTubMan1947d ago

Made me laugh pretty freaking hard. Rose-tinted glasses for sure!

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fermcr1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Both consoles will do pretty well next gen... PS4 will probably sell more then the X1, but both will sell pretty well. I think both of them will sell much more then the WiiU.

AndrewLB1946d ago

The only reason why PS3 outsold 360 is due to the simple fact that was a very good blu-ray player that was priced far below stand-alone blu-ray players for a very long time because sony took a loss on them. I know a lot of people (typically older people) who never even used it for gaming, which I always found amusing. When anyone asked me what player to buy, i'd always recommend the ps3.

Benchm4rk1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )


That is spot on. I wanted a blu ray player but opted for the PS3 as it did more than just play movies for the same or less price. I do have a few games on it but it rarely gets used for anything other than playing movies. I know a lot of people who did the same. I also recommended people to buy a PS3 instead of a standalone player

allformats1947d ago

The article isn't quite clear. It gives no quotes at all, and no source.

nosferatuzodd1947d ago

they want to be down with the true king
long live play till i dye

alb18991946d ago

I told you guys that the X1 will sell as hell and with one month of advantage against ps4 ......X1 will be sold out.

Polysix1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

what one month advantage? You do know the PS4 is being released BEFORE XB1? Which we could guess all along, Sony were just being coy about release date to outdo MS and wait for MS's confirmation. As it stands now all evidence points to PS4 November 13th XB1 November 26th.

No way is XB1 going to sell anywhere near the numbers PS4 does. Stop dreaming.

alb18991946d ago

In amazon December 31 the ps4 and november 27 X1 but I don't dream thinking that X1 will sell kids think that everyone is like you. I really don't care who sells more just that everybody got a piece of the pie so I can play from both consoles.

imdaboss11946d ago

cant wait for all the awesome indie games.and all those exclusive ps4 know they will have it just look at their track record...Sony deserve to be on top at least they listen to gamers.unlike ms who try to take over the gaming industry by implement drm..

alb18991946d ago

If they are on top they deserve it but if they aren't then no.

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TrendyGamers1947d ago

The battle for E3 is over. The battle for the entire year is about to begin.

vividi1947d ago

The Return of the King

Wedge191947d ago

It's nice to see that consoles are still relevant, especially after many predicted their death due to mobile.


They are not going anywhere... At first it was just for kids and obviously wouldn't last beyond the next cool toy. Than videogames consoles were for teens and PC would destroy it. After that it was Mobile and Internet micro games that would take over...

Seriously, I've been hearing about how gaming consoles or videogames in general are doomed since I was 7 or 8 years old, but I'm 26 now and still playing, so no, I don't think they'll fade away any time soon.

ricochetmg1947d ago

In light of current info I think sony will sell 8 million before 2014.

kneon1947d ago

That's pretty optimistic, if the release date rumors are true they would need to sell over 1,300,000 per week on average since there would only be 5-6 weeks between launch and 2014.

ricochetmg1947d ago

People are very hungry for next gen....I know i am