State of Decay is rough but still offers a compelling zombified experience

In stark contrast to the last open world zombie title, Dead Island, with State of Decay, Undead Labs has set its game in a dark, lonely, rotting forest.

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Blacklash931997d ago

My friend really likes this game. A bit buggy, but you can't say the game isn't an interesting take on zombie survival and has bad value.

xPhearR3dx1997d ago

I didn't encounter too many bugs, more technical issues like screen tearing and frame rate. I absolutely love this game. Between this and The Last of Us, it's been as awesome month for gaming. Can't wait until it comes out on PC. Going to be even better plus have Survival Sandbox Mode.

Belking1997d ago

This game is very fun and I like the idea of characters dying for good.

TedCruzsTaint1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Downloaded the demo for the game today. Really enjoyed the game, but I am waiting for the PC version, personally. Not to sound like an ass, but I really just can't not play games at 1080p at this point. Bad screen tearing as well.

MikeyDucati11997d ago

It looks rough from what I've seen. Yet, it still is a good game if you overlook some things and realize what the dev was envisioning here. Zombie and RPG elements...sounds like a deal to me.

m2stech1997d ago

This will be a day one buy for me if it comes on Steam.

M1chl1996d ago

It's coming to steam, they announced it quite some time ago : )