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With exception to the extraneous multiplayer, The Last of Us is one of the most consistently enjoyable games in a long time. While not wholly evolutionary, the weaving of gameplay with story to create a thick atmosphere and clear direction is a far cry from failed attempts at traditional cinematic storytelling we’ve seen. Each facet is individually enjoyable, but it’s the way each one works together that really sells and elevates it.

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Sidology1945d ago

yeah, pretty much no other game is going to touch this in 2013

Bitsnark1945d ago

Brilliant game this - loving every minute so far!

TukkerIntensity1945d ago

The Multiplayer is great. Stopped reading after the first sentence.

GentlemenRUs1945d ago

They are kidding about the Multiplayer right? RIGHT!?

The Multiplayer is A LOT better then COD's crappy rehashed crap ;)

Kiddcarter1945d ago

Stopped reading after they said the first uncharted was terrible, it wasn't the greatest game ever but it was far from terrible