The online mode in MGSV will work hand in hand with the singleplayer

The new Metal Gear Online game will come with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and is currently in development in conjunction with the new Kojima Productions Los Angeles studio. This was announced on the Kojima Productions Alert 4, the official podcast of the studio.

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matgrowcott1949d ago

Although Kojima had said they were working on this before, it's great to get confirmation that it'll be built into MGSV. There hasn't been much in the way of mention of it since Eurogamer and I was starting to think it had been quietly shelved...

That's another off the checklist. Here's hoping there really is a beta this summer.

Donnieboi1949d ago

Mgo this summer? What?!!!!!

Donnieboi1949d ago

Hey Nyxus the podcast won't work for me. Can u please let me know if they mentioned if there will be a traditional team vs team online mode on smaller maps too? Open world sounds great for co op, or for team sneaking versus mode. But for traditional team vs team battle, will it have smaller maps for faster action like in MGO 2?

Having BOTH styles would be nice (open world for sneaking, condensed/smaller balanced maps for team vs team multiplayer).

Also, thanks for posting this news. Your my main source for mgs and mgo news!

Nyxus1949d ago

I'm sorry, they really didn't share much more than what's in that post. They said more details are coming later.

Donnieboi1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Can u ask them for me please? U can even have the answer They give u featured on your Site as an article or something. I dont know how to contact the podcast guys. I know i might be asking for much, but we mgo guys just wanted a straight answer. After all, we waited a whole year while our beloved game went m.i.a. And we're afraid he may not bring back the traditional team vs modes.

Nyxus1949d ago

@ Donnieboi: I think you can send them questions via the site, but I wouldn't expect any new info soon. They said the podcast won't return for the next few weeks.

Donnieboi1949d ago

Will do. The more of us who ask, the more likely it is to be answered.

GdaTyler1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Online MGS? This is a dream come true. I got a PS3 late and wasn't allowed an opportunity to play MGO. I wanted to cry after I spent 18 hours downloading the update and then finding out MGO didn't work anymore. :( At least I can get the chance to play the online multiplayer for MGSV in the future!!

THamm1949d ago

No offense but is it me or can the Fox Engine recreate black people with such excellent detail, I mean the characters look more real than the white counterparts, namely Snake himself

1949d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.