Ramblings of a loudmouthed gamer – The Xbox One [Eighty]

Serge of writes: "And so it happens. Microsoft decided to backtrack on some of its next gen plans to appease the consumers. The new Xbox console will no longer have the rigid DRM rules and online check-in requirements. Well, at least it won’t have them right out of the box. Who knows what happens down the road. But instead of speculating, does this change anyone’s mind? Or is it a little too late for Microsoft’s 180?"

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Cuzzo631947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Just dnt see wat all the fuss is about. Other than Kinetic, well we do have eye toy...
Okay okay, digi downloads Yesssss..... Dangit man ps3 had that also...
Okay okay how bout this then smart asses... Family share plan. Hell yea.... Hold up... coulda sworn you could share games, dlc, and movies. Hell no if ps3 did that then Xb1 is really late to the party...
Ohhh shiznit. Micro got 300k server in teh cloudz... hold up. I thought Gaiki was the biggest cloud holder at one point... hmmm say it aint so...
WHAAAA! A bluray drive in a game system. Who woulda thunk that one up
DRM? Now who dafuq would do somethn like dat.
24hr chec ins... again... Who dafuq would do something lik dat.

Micro: We care about all of you. We are here for you. We saved the industry with our digi cure... Buy Xb1.

But seriously tho