The Last Of Us: It’s the Little Things That Count

Sean Halliday of Gamer Euphoria writes:

''The Last Of Us has so far proven to be a fantastic story. I say ‘so far’ because I’ve yet to finish it. It’s not often that I play a modern day game in which I’m almost physically glued to the screen wondering what will happen next. The Last Of Us is a dark, depressing and brutally unforgiving game that holds nothing back, and I can’t recall a game that has ever left me feeling so dirty after performing the act of killing. It’s this brutality, a sense of harsh reality, that results in The Last Of Us being so compelling.''

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Linko641949d ago

Anything is better than collecting 150 flags

sprinterboy1949d ago

Agree with the Author, it was nice how they were short stories too with the notes left, just a quick 30 seconds too read, hate it when there too long cause you end up skipping most of them, think doom 3 had long logs if i remember correctly. truely awesome game and currently playing on Surviver lol, came across 6 pistol bullets in my first 2 hrs lol.

stage881949d ago

Game of the generation.

DoesUs1949d ago

Standout game of this generation. 18hrs in on Hard @ 64%. mNot played for a few days as have multiple projects on the go.

ddurand11949d ago

where does it tell you those stats? Im interested to see how much further i have to go

Kiddcarter1949d ago

Pause the game then go to Bonuses > Statistics and your time is posted at the very bottom

ddurand11949d ago

sweet deal kiddcarter, thanks for the info.

nick3091949d ago

The first game that im on a third playtrough within a week. I never replay games lol, survivor plus here i come!

Ilovetheps41949d ago

I'm about to start Survivor. How much more difficult is Survivor?

nick3091949d ago

About as tough as hard but without listen mode, not too hard make sure you use stealth alot.

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The story is too old to be commented.