Celebrating The Xbox 180, And A Rage Reaction To Those Whining About The Policy Reversal

eGamer writes: "In this video I celebrate the Xbox 180 and Microsoft coming to their senses and changing the policies. I also have a bone to pick with those who aren’t satisfied still, and especially those who are whining about the policies being changed because it “ruined” the console or “stopped innovation”."

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BadboyCivic2041d ago

So is it xbone or Xbox 180?

4Sh0w2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Given the sensational headline I didnt bother watching the video.

Ironicly with the 180 all gamers lost choices, now we are stuck with 2 consoles that are virtually identical besides a few exclusives and kinect standard. I preferred the 2 completely different visions of traditional old school gaming preference or for better or worst always online connected console, no one saved gaming from the evils of microsoft they simply cut off a viable gaming option.

RiPPn2041d ago

W4Sh0w: You preferred restrictive DRM and the turning of your games into a "service" rather than game ownership?

Because it's come out the family sharing wasn't what Microsoft let people think it was, and every other feature is still available on digital purchases.

Another programmed Xbot.

Tody_ZA2041d ago

You have a warped definition of what constitutes as sensationalism, 4Sh0w.

Also, you need to understand that only Microsoft can be responsible for taking away those features. The only thing gamers wanted was no restrictions, red tape, the ability to actually own our games and not to be treated with prison rules.

That is not even asking for anything. It's what we have right now.

Do you know what? The awesome features like Family Sharing can *still* work with all digital content. There is no reason it can't. And I actually wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft announce it again at a later date.

Gamers didn't "cancel" Microsoft's plans. We just wanted no part of DRM.

And even more significantly, why anyone would want a gaming console to exclude people is beyond me. Gaming has grown massively at a rapid rate over the years, and it's archaic to exclude people who can't get connected and such.

We want as much people as possible to play games. Console gaming, the core of it, is simplicity. Plug and play. The ease of accessibility is why console gaming is awesome. I am both a PC and PS3 gamer, so I know pretty well why I love both.

Again, no one is stopping Microsoft from evolving or bringing great features. Family Share does not need DRM or permanent online to function. The console cannot only evolve by sacrificing offline play completely.

tiffac0082040d ago


If MS did not do a 180 on the X1 policies then it will only work on selected countries and how can that be a good thing for the console and the gaming industry/community in general?

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stage882041d ago

Just the bone will do.

first1NFANTRY2041d ago

LMFAO! dude I'm drunk and that comment had me on the floor. I may just throw M$ a bone...narrrrrrr hahaha

DlocDaBudSmoka2041d ago

lmao. that reminds me of a song by ICP-the bone. You got the BONE!!!

Captain Qwark 92041d ago

ive been pro x1 the whole time and i like xbone. it amuses me every time i say it lol

No_Limit2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )


So to make the PS4 sounds inferior on numbers, lets just call it Xbox1 from now on.

NeXXXuS2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

nope. still xbox one. the 180 was just to keep up with competition. i highly doubt they rid themselves of the stupid DRM policy because people complained.

MWong2041d ago

This rant could have ended 8:45 into the video.

SpinalRemains2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Does anyone have any thoughts on the

"you can play your offline games without an internet connection" sentence?

Does anyone think this patch will be limited to select titles only, like Vanquish or games without any multiplayer?

What exactly constitutes an 'offline' game, and why are they creating a discrepancy being particular if there's no issue with it? It smells odd.

Someone else mentioned this and I think we should lend some credence to it. Why wouldn't it just say "you may elect to play offline whenever you like after downloading the patch"?

We all know the Devil is in the details. I'm just curious what others think about the wording.
By describing the type of game you may play without data, it implies that not all titles will be able to do so.


Edit - another sentence clearly states that you can play any disk based game the way you now.
Perhaps the wording wasn't intentionally off. Any disk based does mean any.

hazelamy2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

i suspect, or at least hope, it just parts of games that don't need any internet functions.

obviously for online multiplayer, or any other online functions, you need to be online.

frankly, i think adding limits like that, would drive people away for good.
it would be a suicidal thing for them to do.

but then, i didn't think they'd be stupid enough to do the whole drm thing, and they proved me wrong once, so who knows.

just don't buy at launch is all i'd advise.

2cents2041d ago

Offline game, offline elements of a game being any single player components. Any game that is online multiplayer or has any type of online component obviously will only work when you are connected. Almost all games are online focused now. So if you buy a game that has online play then obviously you need Internet. If the game has single player components they will work offline. There is no difference to the new offering now, compaired with the 360.

There is no hidden meaning in the words, it is what it is.

Online gaming = Internet
Offline gaming = no Internet
Multiplayer = Internet
Single player = no Internet

torchic2041d ago

yup you got it spot on.

but I don't blame people for being suspicious, that's what happens when you build a web of deceit. I honestly take all of Microsoft's promises and statements with a handful of salt

MWong2041d ago

@ SpinalRemainls

Agreed the devil is in the details.

Remember you can play any "disc based game offline."

I still have a sinking feeling that the console will always be online. That pesky Kinect bothers me.

FrightfulActions2041d ago

One important detail however is that while you can play offline now you still need internet to play the console. They say you can go offline forever and play AFTER you do a one-time check in. Connect it once, check in, you're good to go and never need online again. But if you dont have internet at all you're still kinda screwed.

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2cents2041d ago

I really enjoyed his rant. And I have to say I agree with most of what he said.

It's so true that MS have really shown that they are trying to give us what we want, yes they got way to carried away with their delusions of grandeur, but from the moment they showed their hand, almost everyone spoke back that this is not the time for their vision of the future.

Two weeks is all it took for them to put their hands up and change their policies which have had millions in investment for them to design, code, build, and for us they are chucking it all in the bin. That is huge. That is the right thing to do, and they did it. They Did It!

As the video said, the console isn't even out yet for another 5 months, and MS now have to sink another bus load of cash into changing everything so we can enjoy our gaming the way we want to.

Everyone makes mistakes, the true measure of a person or company is what do they do when they know that they have done the wrong thing. Do they remain defiant and stubborn, or not even address the issues or do they make amends with the people they have wronged. MS have done the latter and I'm very impressed that they have. I for one have a lot more respect for MS for them having done this so quickly and not made us sweat over it. Considering the amount of money, r&d and employees that make up the Xbox brand, two weeks is but a drop in the ocean. If people don't know how to forgive, or move on then they should take a long look in the mirror as the problem lies within.

It should just be about the games from now on, we all should be looking forward to the next gen gaming experiences that we will be a part of. It's time to get excited, new toys! New games! Shiny graphics! New adventures!

Or... Just talk smack, hate, troll and whine. The choice is up to all of us.

SpinalRemains2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

It's the best gaming news of the year.

Those rules and check ins would have seriously damaged console gaming forever.

It was removing every reason for even having a console.
I'm very relieved its been done away with. Hopefully it stays gone.

SoapShoes2041d ago

If they knew what we wanted they wouldn't have had these policies in the first place. They knew it wasn't liked before they revealed the console and had months to correct it but didn't. Why? Because they didn't care about you and they didn't care untill PS4 started obliterating them in preorders.

Now they have a better console but a real lack of vision and if they thought those ideas were good who knows what kind of b.s. they'll pull on X1 in the future as they seem to not know what gamers want. Sony has a much better vision of the future with their gaikai acquisition.

2cents2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

In my eyes... At least they tried! Totally off the mark for most but, at least they have a vision of what entertainment could be like in an always connected world. I was the perfect demographic for their new vision, I would have used all of the features they touted except the sports fantasy league stuff (yawn). But... I would not want to sacrifice the bargain bin at my local game store so there was a serious struggle going on within my mind as to my willingness to sacrifice used games, and the dreaded 24hr checkin. But 14 days is all it took ms to shutup, listen and learn that the joy of afew vs the misery of everyone else would mean such small adoption rates that they would probably sink. So they have gone back down the well travelled road.

I don't really want to say anything about Sony as it will always backfires on me on these friendly forums

@soapshoes. From the time they Oficially announced their plans to the world. They ain't gonna know what people really think until it's them who make a statement. I'm not talking about industry leaks, rumours and speculation. I'm talking about through their corporate procedures. We all have been shouting like wild dogs since Sonys feb announcement about what ms are doing. It's not their fault that we are a bunch of impatient, sarcastic, and sometimes downright immature with our demands. They made their official reveal, in may, followed up at e3 and then the sh1tstorm fell from the cloud, pun intended.

The rest is history, and we have gotten most of what we wanted from MS.

SoapShoes2041d ago

It took a lot more than 14 days my friend and I agree at least they tried but now they have no vision and it isn't making them look any better. I don't trust them to do the right thing unless it is so unliked that everyone jumps ship.

Tody_ZA2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

In fairness 2cents, an entire month after their official reveal we still had no idea how many of their policies worked and the implications it had for gamers. We also had no idea of what the benefits of the Xbox One are. We were only exposed to the negatives, because they were massive worries.

And Microsoft never made a genuine effort to inform or tell us.

At best they threw around PR speak like "the power of the cloud!" and "we're the future" without actually letting anyone adapt to it.

sycnation2041d ago

so what about all the games that had the"cloud" integration
like titanfall... didn't they it was ONLY possible BECAUSE of the cloud
so the whole game would be unplayable?


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