Call Of Duty Ghosts - Not so next gen

With the next generation of consoles on their way, the focus turns towards what we can expect from the 'next big thing' in console gaming. Call of Duty: Ghosts, whether you like it or not, is expected to be one of the best selling titles that is supported by both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. After some recent announcements from the staff of Infinity Ward, it seems that the title is less that ready for the next generation.

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Excalibur1947d ago

I knew that when they showed it on May 21st at the reveal, it looked and sounded just like every other COD game.

Up to present I have played every COD game, the last 3-4 I was finishing less an less of the over all features, this last one I finished half the story line and didn't touch anything else on it, I'm not even going to bother with Ghosts.

DesVader1947d ago

Not really suprised really - I think the "next gen" proper version will only be out next year.

MWong1947d ago

It wont be "next-gen" until they create a new engine. They keep using the old engine and slightly twaeking it and saying this is our "new engine." That's just lazy.

DesVader1947d ago

You are spot on MWong! :)

MasterCornholio1947d ago

It looks pretty horrible especially compared to battle field 4.

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