Cliff Bleszinski bets against next-gen consoles

The very popular Game Designer Cliff Bleszinski, mostly known for his work on Gears of War and Unreal Tournament, spoke against next generation consoles on his blog.

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allformats1945d ago

People need to stop posting what he says. That guy is obviously looking attention. Don't give it to him. And frankly, why does his opinion matter? He's a retired developer who worked on Gears of War. Enough of him already.

Septic1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

What's wrong with Gears of War? (you were just making a statement of fact and not implying anything?)

PraxxtorCruel1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Don't tell me, is he betting (again) that mobile gaming will be the future? What is it with this guy and mobile gaming? How about sticking to something you know aka console gaming? Why is he so infatuated with mobile gaming? The day mobile gaming takes over is the day I retire from gaming!

Fishy Fingers1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Why should people stop posting the opinion of a high ranking industry professional when N4G is 50% opinion pieces from "nobodies"?

Wouldn't it be simpler to just ignore threads surrounding him? Some people might actually value the opinion of someone who has experience in the field.

Edit: Disagree if that makes sense.

malokevi1945d ago

More like Cliff benSPEAKEY!



Army_of_Darkness1945d ago

Tell him to STFU!!!
Console game development was what made him big and this is what he says to thank us and this business?? What a back stabbing little shit.

badz1491945d ago

you had too much of that ego juice already!

go home, Cliff! you're drunk!

Information Minister1944d ago

Now that Microsoft has abandoned their DRM plans, Mr. Cliffy is mad because it will be harder for him to extort large amounts of money from gamers while outputting sub-par games.

He's a real class act, this guy...

SilentNegotiator1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

@Fishy Fingers

That's funny. I didn't know an unemployed guy begging EA for a job was a "high ranking industry professional"

He's a professional in ONE genre of game, but not the industry itself. He isn't in a place to say that next gen consoles won't do well, or that chucking DRM was a bad move, or etc.

PurpHerbison1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

N4G is going to keep articles like this alive, but you know what would help? Not commenting on them. I know it is tough cause here I am commenting but... try.

SilentNegotiator1944d ago


Clicking the link gives it heat, not commenting.

Xof1944d ago

Did you bother to read his blog post?

I think not.

It was interesting and well articulated, and in no way represented by that misleading headline over here.

A particularly appropriate quote:

"What bothers me is the internet pitchfork mob who can only see 6 inches in front of their face without thoughtfully analyzing a situation. "

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YNWA961945d ago

Yeah Cliffy, shut up please, unless you have something good to say about Sony or thrash MS. We do not like you, you have no experience like Jonathon Blows, who is a well respected veteran developer who loves our Sony!

extermin8or1944d ago

Well actually I'd easily say jonathon knows more about tech than cliffy B who I'd credit with the intelligence of some kind of primate but actually they tend to be quite smart and at any rate it'd be an insult to any animal tbh. The guys thick as shit and has periodically made stupid comments about various things over the years that usually don't warrent a comment from him and have nothing todo with him-yeah he worked on a few decent games but lets be clear here; Gears of war and unreal engine were good games but they weren't at least not as far as I can see actually his ideas. He may have servved as a lead designer on them but lets be clear whilst good games there is nothing ground breakingly amazing about them, there is nothing particularly special. They tend to be games about overly macho guys that are in space marine combat suits (oh and a few women) that look like they've just had a dose of steroids the scripts sound like they've come from the mind of an 8 year old who just watched apollo 13 or soemthing and saving private ryan before writing them, that's how it sounds anyway but the games are fun. My point being Jonathon Blow creates way more original games and is actually working on the current consoles therefore his opinion is more valid however neither of them really have the credentials to say sweet F A. So as his opinion is rarely asked for, and really shouldn't be because the blokes ability to give an intelligent response to something is clearly minimal. People like Peter Molleneux-they have the right to give their input, Michael Ancel, Neil Druckman etc people from Bungie etc ec They all have the right to comment on the industry and such because they've proven time and time again they know how to make great games, they still do/ are and really I don't think anyone but you believes if it's anything todo with a developer that loves Sony or if they love MS. The ones that have the credentials to backup what they are claiming/saying tend not to say anything and tit's like him...just want money.

SilentNegotiator1944d ago

Even Microsoft gave up on the DRM...what does hating on Cliffy, for making comments about hating the change, have to do with "teh soni fanbois!!"?

Give it up. Don't you fanboys ever get tired of looking for hypocrisy where it doesn't exist?

vickers5001944d ago

"Well actually I'd easily say jonathon knows more about tech than cliffy B"

Not defending Cliffy B here, but wasn't there an article here a while ago that stated Jonathan Blow was using like 5 gigs of RAM for The Witness? Something pretty much not even the most graphically intense or physics heavy games require?

NextGen24Gamer1945d ago

This video makes 100% sense!

CrossingEden1945d ago

evidently you didn't read the article -_-

adorie1945d ago

It's not his fault.It's the websites desperate for hits and the tools who post the articles.

He appears annoying because"journalists" <--lmao?
are covering his every word. If it were Cliffy putting his own articles up here, I would totally agree.

THamm1944d ago

He must be mad because he wasn't hired by KojiPro

THEDON82z11944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Consoles was here before him and they will be here after him... Like someone else sayed STFU and do whatever your fake a$$ retirement plans consist of, he is just mad that money train he was depending on is dead(at-least for now).... Notice now that everything is going Sony's way he has not even talked about the games that could be possible with next gen tech...Just complain and speak BS all-day.. to me gears of war/ bulletstorm were good games but nothing mind-blowing.. why don't he truly make a masterpiece( aka last of us/ battlefield 4 style), that makes me pay for a game in full!!! In short stop running your [email protected] mouth and either retire or create your vision of what a next gen title should be!!!!

otherZinc1944d ago

I haven't purchased a game from gamestop in about 5 years because of this, I'll continue.

When I buy 3 next gen consoles November 2013, not one will come from a Gamestop. Nor, will any games or accessories. Yes, I and my friends are big supporters of gaming, Gamestops undercutting practices is a detriment to developers.

CyberSentinel1944d ago

" Add in the fact that there’s more things than ever in 2013 competing for your dollar and you have to have 8+ figure marketing budgets to run ads and what not."

Why doesn't anyone complain about the cost of advertisement in media? Are developers, publishers, and corporations afraid to challenge theses media giants? Hmmm. I think we know the answer to that question. With all the profits GameStop makes off of used games they should advertise for the video game market for free.

If not, go all digital on them.

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Bowzabub1945d ago

That's because CryEngine is taking over. Cliffy, meet Nvidia. Nvidia meet Cliffy. I can read you like a book punk.

medman1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

That's funny, because I'm betting against Cliffy Douchebag.

Parasyte1945d ago

Ya know...I used to like CLiffy for speaking his mind and not holding anything back. But, since he has left the industry he's started to get annoying.

gedden71945d ago

Who else thinks this attention whore needs to go in a cave to be never heard of again??

shivvy241945d ago

someone should just smash his lambo

medman1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Why punish a car for the insanity of it's owner. Better to take it from him and offer it a better owner.