Xbox One: 'Not All Customers Wanted A Fully Digital And Online System'

NowGamer: Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has shed some light on the Xbox One dramatic u-turn, saying that "Key message and feedback we heard was not all consumers wanted a fully digital and online system."

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GamersHeaven1947d ago

No but you guys did you thought gamers would flock to you regardless of DMR/alwaysonline why not right? You got away with so much bs this generation why not go the extra step.

xHeavYx1947d ago

Insert "you don't say" meme

JokesOnYou1947d ago

I think the benefits of the drm to allow game sharing, never needing the disc, accessing my library on any console, etc far exceeded the negatives cause if you still really wanted to sell your game you could and the fee for the 2nd owner was up to publishers. We lost something great....but I got a feeling there will be this option will be available later on and its going to become the way most X1 owners game.

Parapraxis1947d ago

You are one hell of an apologist JokesOnYou. "benefits of the drm"... really?
MS certainly has you drinking their kool-aide.

The family sharing thing was obviously missing some critical details. Anybody who thought a person could buy a game and share the full games from start to finish with 10 other people is an idiot.

Microsoft never revealed the "catch", but you can be damn sure there was one, and probably a huge one. And now, they don't have to, as they scrapped it and are now saying "look what you guys lost, you would have LOVED the family plan" Yeah, complete and utter BS.

Demos are behind a paywall on xbox 360. Why on earth would MS allow full games to be shared on the XBOX One when the whole system was designed around destroying the used game market so publishers got more money.

Used games might be resold twice, maybe 3 times, rarely more than that. That's a loss of 2-3 sales.
A system that allowed users to share with 10 people...would result in abuse and far far more lost sales.

NO company would be that stupid, and anybody who thought that must have very poor reasoning skills...or are just completely brainwashed.

JokesOnYou1947d ago

Yeah usual talking points, if you dont join the sony brotherhood then of course you're a "shill", or "brainwashed". First of all of course there would be some limitations on the sharing with 10 people plan, in other posts Ive discussed this but it was obvious that there policy at the very least would have let you share your games or they wouldn't have annouced it, what was important to me was that I could let my 2 nephews on the east coast conveiently check out my games.

NOW for the sake of arguement lets completely throw out game sharing, even just always having my game library saved and playble WITHOUT the disc would benefit me but as of right now converting their policy back to how 360 works offers me ZERO benefits because used games mean NOTHING to me just like last gen.= Knowing and liking whats good for ME is nothing more than being a smart consumer.

adorie1947d ago

Basically no one wanted it because the practice could spill unto other consoles, making this an industry standard. Your lost features for Xbox One are a necessary sacrifice if that insures that does not happen.

Still, Microsoft could have left those features in. I'd think twice before giving reluctant support to any corporation such as Microsoft. That same bit goes for Sony, if they ever pulled a stunt like this, I'd drop them like a bowling ball from a wet paper bag.

Gaming PC is always ready to take over my living room, should I have no other place to go to for my gaming wants.
Still, Nintendo exists so I doubt I'll be going PC exclusive any time soon.

NextGen24Gamer1947d ago

DRM was and is necessary! Used game sales are good for the consumer & good for Gamestop and mom & pops stores, but not good for the game developers or publishers. Anyone who doesn't understand that is mentally challenged and I have to question their level of education completed.

You should only be able to sell the game back to the publisher/developer of the game. They made it and they should re-sell it. NOT GAMESTOP!

When you walk in Gamestop they push their used games over new games! That's pathetic and I'll be happy when every Gamestop is shut down for their GREEDY practices.

The way Steam does it is perfect and I hope that one day in the near future, video game consoles do it that way too.

On steam games are often 75% off...I would love a day an age when Consoles are all digital and we get those kind of savings on NEW. I felt with the Xbox One that time was coming soon.

As a consumer, I will never buy from Gamestop again. I'm going all digital with the xbox one and with that I get gaming flexibility and I don't put money in Gamestops pockets.

Movie studios have big budgets, but they have multiple revenue streams. They make their money back and a huge profit just on the Movie ticket sales when it's in the theatre...then when they sell it on blu ray, and streaming/renting services.

If we want great content/games...we should show appreciation to the game developers by giving them the money. If you don't like their game, you should be allowed to get trade in value to the actual people who made the game. And they should be allowed to re-sell their own product!

This way we get better bigger games and the right people are making money for the game they designed.

4Sh0w1947d ago

I don't buy the excuse that some were trying save gaming. If true and X1 wasn't gamer friendly then ps4, nintendo sales would have far surpassed X1 this gen= the market would decide, no but micro caved and now we are stuck with 2 options that are virtually identical aside from a few game choices and kinect. That is a total fail in my mind. Ironicly all this outcry meanwhile Steam is great but they say its only because games are cheaper as if a sharing plan doesnt basicly make games cheaper among a couple friends.

GamersHeaven1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Family sharing is the the same exact thing as xbox 360 sharing only one person at a time can play that game actually its more limited only 9 family members on one vs xbox 360 who ever you want to share with.Not needing the disc is another thing that sounds better than it is you only have a 500gb HDD that you can't upgrade what if you if you run out of space? DRM is trash there would have been no benefits only for m$ not YOU the consumer.

JokesOnYou1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

You don't know what you're talking about its been clearly stated everyone in your family could access your games on your home console and yeah although only 1 person could play your game at a time big difference from 360 was that anyone in my family circle could play without needing the disc, so no driving, no mailing, no waiting for your game back. Its been covered that external storage is is handled through usb 3.0, your whole post spews misinformation your assumptions sound like their more based on what you heard rather than the policy info available on

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Bigpappy1947d ago

JokesOnYou is 100% correct. You guys are still focused on the disk gaming thing of the pass. There is a huge advantage to running the large games from a hard drive rather than slow Blu-ray drives. You will find that most PS4 game will sill require even larger mandatory installs than on PS3, because of the persistent, no loading worlds.

In a few short years it will become clear to most gamers that having games on disk is pointless, especially for X1. You will also find that the trade-in model for disk will significantly decline because of it. People will be buying more games digitally because of the convenience and guaranty that you will have it when you want it.

You will all soon find that you need a digital ownership policy. I would not be you download to the hard drive and you are done. It needs to be managed because it will require license transfers. M$ solution is the best offer I have ever seen for digital transfers. I don't want a ban on selling used disks, I just don't think is as important as having a digital solution for ownership beyond playing the game.

Parapraxis1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

I guess you guys are just too avant-garde for the majority of the gaming community.
Must make you feel good to know you are such visionaries.

I guess the rest of us peasants with our physical copies of games (and the freedom to do as we please with them), already existing digital downloads (which already have digital licences), and upgradeable non-proprietary HDDs are just stuck in the past with our crazy dislike for consumer rights reducing DRM.

andrewsqual1947d ago

Notice he said "customers" and not "gamers".

RavageX1947d ago

Ok, for those of you that keep complaining about how whiners have ruined the fact you don't have to use a physical disc to play your games here's a real simple fix.

Buy the digital versions on the store. AMAZING your problem is fixed! While you like that there's still plenty of people who DON'T and like having physical copies(like me).

I'm pretty sure if MS wanted they can still make DIGITAL games accessible on any Xbox if you sign in....of course you'd have to download them which apparently isn't a problem with these super fast connections everyone has and the infinite amount of HD space MS has provided you with.

There was no need for MS to do anything restrictive with physical disks.


Nice that MS's policies worked for you...but they aren't concerned with what you want. They saw what the majority wanted, and attempted to fix their mistake.


Do you know who the retailers were that MS would "allow" you to sell your games to?

No? Then how do you know that Gamestop wouldn't have been one of those retailers? Even if they weren't, how do you know that whoever the "retailers" were wouldn't rip you off JUST like Gamestop does now?

The only difference is you wouldn't have a choice if you wanted to sell your games cause you can't choose who to sell them to. You'd have to either accept the price they offer or keep the game.

Some of you really need to wake up. I am glad that most gamers and EVEN CASUALS had the sense not to just lie down and accept what MS was trying to do. There's still hope in the world.

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TheLyonKing1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

You can never please everyone MS.

You did the right thing about drm but in dont think a huge majority were bending over backwards about the Internet thing. I really think you should have stuck to your guns on that one.

Microsoft has served the ball back to Sony, but I have a feeling TGS we will see something special from them.

Mystogan1947d ago

truth, they should have gone through with it. Oh well. I hope in the future we get the features we were promised in the beginning. Like discless gaming.

SmielmaN1947d ago

What would you speculate the "special" thing Is that MS will share? TGS is typically dominated by Sony and Nintendo. I feel that MS blew their wad at E3 with quantity of games, hoping the Drm and online crap wouldn't look as big. They must not have thought Sony would have garnered so much praise from their policies and price point. Then after all the polls, preorders, bad press they hit the panic button and scrapped it.

I wonder if some of those exclusive dlc contracts have clauses in them with regards to drm royalties or console sales numbers? Activision seeing BF4 topping charts must be upsetting to them. Plus the fact the PS4 is seeing almost more than 65% the preorders in the US, probably closer to 80% for the rest of the world. That's a lot of console owners that will need games to buy. So the exclusive dlc deals look kind of useless to activision right now.

Lots of time before launch, but all MS can do now is copy the PS4 right down to the price to get the playing field leveled.

TheLyonKing1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

I thought people might get confused. I only needed to read the first sentence so forgive me for not scanning your whole essay.

By serving the ball back (I.e Microsoft doing a u turn) Sony will have to do or show something at TGS

I think people are saying I think ms will show something special at TGS which is very slim at best :)

RavageX1947d ago

What are you talking about? MS didn't serve any ball back to Sony. Sony has nothing to prove at the moment. All they have to do is keep doing what they are doing, show a few more games and that's it.

MS fumbled, went out of bounds, fouled, got a technical and finally were ejected from the game.

Now they are trying to win back fan support so they can somehow hope to make it to finals.

I think they really, really thought they were doing something great with the Xbox One and that gamers would simply bow at their feet. If anything MS needs to come up with something, cause things are still looking bad.

KrisButtar1947d ago

I'm glad they did a 180, now I can buy this console I only have to take it to a friends(or bring it to work for a day) get the patch then I can take it home and use it.

NegativeCreepWA1947d ago

Places like best buy probably dl the patch for you if you ask. They did it for 360s to get the new dashboards updates.

denawayne1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

And how many games do you think will be playable completely offline? Not the AAA games. You can bet on that.

KrisButtar1947d ago

I'm taking the wait and see option because I didn't like the way they worded it. At least it went from a complete "NO BUY" from all my friends and I to a maybe, We all preordered PS4's as none of us have Internet offered in our homes.

@NegativeCreepWA thanks thats helpful if I do get one I'll get it from there

Excalibur1947d ago

It's amazing how all of a sudden we are their loyal customers when their system takes a $#!t right out of the gate because we refused to accept their draconian way of thinking but two weeks ago we were backward thinking and we had to #deal with it.

No, M$ as far as I'm concerned you made your bed and you can wallow in it a while.

How about we work on pro consumer thoughts and a little humility Um'kay?

Redgehammer1947d ago

A multibillion dollar company with humility? You should think about writing fantasy novels.

I loved the new ideas , and I am really hoping they offer a version of their plans when I get an XO in 2014. Maybe an opt-in digital sharing plan might work, and if that's the case, I will never buy a disc again I own over 230 full version XBLA games, and I am sure after several years of ownership I would have a great library of XO games to share.

RavageX1947d ago

You don't have to buy a disk NOW.

Besides...that sharing thing wasn't as clear as everyone thought it was.

sway_z1947d ago

oh really MS!

...who'd have guessed?

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