Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Petition For Wii U Gets Arc Systems Works' Attention

Gaming Blend "The Guilty Gear games have received increasingly confusing appellations that sort of require more than a simple read of the name before you can fully understand what it is you're even saying. But regardless of the title garnishing, the franchise has picked up a massive following, so much so that they're now petitioning to get the latest game from Arc Systems Works on Nintendo's Wii U."

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TriforceLightning1998d ago

Shame on all of N4G for not supporting this. (-_-)#

Baka-akaB1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

All i know is i signed , so i'm not sure what you ean by no n4g support . Even if i dont believe in the wii u as a fighting game platform personally and will always buy those games on the other platform instead . Still the more the merrier , and it certainly doesnt hurt if it happens

jonboi241998d ago

I'd rather have an arcade cabinet but will settle with a PS3 or PS4 release.

ZeekQuattro1998d ago

Nah I'll pass. Even if they get the required signatures they probably wouldn't be bothered to port it. I've been here before and have yet to have things go in my favor.

ZeekQuattro1998d ago

Most of my Wii U games are 3rd party bro. Zombi U, AC 3, FOTNS 2, WO 3, The Cave, Scribblenauts Unlimited & Spider-Man to name a few. Maybe your the reason for lack of 3rd party support fanboy. I like Nintendo too but check your bs at the door.

TriforceLightning1998d ago

Your defeatist attitude is a serious problem regardless of how many poorly ported 3rd party games you purchase. This is something worth being a part of, even if you believe otherwise.

ZeekQuattro1998d ago

Not sure what you are talking about but go with your feelings.

rainslacker1998d ago

In the time it took you to write this post saying how pointless it is, you could have signed the petition. It harms no one. If nothing happens, oh well, you lost the amount of time it took you to sign the petition. If something does happen, you can be proud you supported it.

MegaLagann1998d ago

On one hand it bothers me that I have to sign a petition just for a developer to consider putting a game on a console, on the other hand Guilty Gear is one of my all time favorite franchises. So I signed. Wii U needs third party support and i'll gladly buy both the Wii U and PS3/PS4 version.

BlackWolf1998d ago

Pretty much my feelings. Just signed right now, because I want to see the Wii U 3rd party library grow even more.

CrescentFang1998d ago

I have GGXX AC+ on my Wii haha. I chose it over the PS2 version when they were(?) rare to find. Hopefully it gets on the Wii U, at least eventually. Arc is a smaller company than most. Maybe they don't want to risk porting it to the Wii U because of the situations it's in.

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