The 5 Best Android RPG Games

There is a ton of role-playing games in the Android marketplace which makes it difficult for gamers to find the diamond in the rough that they could install or buy. Hence, GameWoof compiled a list of the five best Android RPG games.

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pat3ck2916d ago

Removed the site name from the title.


MooseWI2916d ago

Oh god Magicka is on mobile now? I hope it's not as bug filled as my experience on PC. It's a good game at heart, it just falls short in the finished category.

pat3ck2916d ago

Yes, it is. We rated it 5 out 5 Woofs at GameWoof. It's definitely a great RPG.

TheFirstClassic2915d ago

I would recommend gurk 2 to anyone who likes old school rpgs. Don't bother with the first one tho.

pat3ck2915d ago

I'll take a look at that. Thanks for the recommendation.