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Definitely one of the only games to make me feel a sense of loss time and time again, yet still have hope for the future. Starting off from the Prologue all the way until the final scene Joel and his companions encounter terrible loses and even more horrifying events. However, even after the end of the game Anthony still has hope for mankind and Joel and Ellie. Anthony hopes that Naughty Dog leaves this as a one-hit-wonder or tells a different story in the same universe (maybe inbetweeen the intro and the meat of the game seeing as there is a 20 year gap that isn't talked about). Regardless of what they do, The Last of Us will go down as one of Naughty Dog's best narratives.

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Chupa-Chupa1948d ago

I need to red box this game, I'm hearing mixed reviews lately.

GmrsNewsNetwork1948d ago

Definitely isn't a game for everyone. Has a slow start and may be difficult for most at the start, but once you start being able to craft objects and upgrade then the game picks up. If you're curious then definitely rent it or pick it up used.

Chupa-Chupa1948d ago

Will do. Gonna reserve it early tomorrow via redbox.

Pintheshadows1947d ago

It is called pacing. If you can't see that then you have no basis in reviewing games.

Pintheshadows1947d ago

Are you kidding?! Mixed reviews?! Give me strength.

Hicken1947d ago

You're... you know what? This:

Please stop lying.

GmrsNewsNetwork1947d ago

I'm sure he meant from his friends lol.

FlunkinMonkey1948d ago

This game isn't 'slow' or 'need to pick up'.. It lets you absorb the environment and actually become engrossed in the story which is where so many games fail completely. Environments are never boring, and it is polished beyond belief.

Can't understand why anyone would dislike this game.

grailly1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

while this game is easily one of my favorite games this gen, I can easily see how somebody can dislike it.

For starters, gamers who aren't into being engrossed by the atmosphere and world will definitely find it "slow". it's also a pretty tough game, for gameplay and story, some will get frustrated by the difficulty, others won't want to experience the grim world. A lot of people also don't appreciate stealth gameplay or horror, even when well done.

people can dislike the game, but they would be fools to say this isn't one of the most well crafted games ever.

EDIT: I don't know where anyone can see "mixed reviews" though

FlunkinMonkey1948d ago

yea fair comment i guess.. for people who like to pick up and play. each to their own. Personally i just need games to have a good narrative these days, but that's just me.

True, people cannot deny polished this game is.

ufo8mycat1947d ago

I honestly can't understand how someone can't like this game.

It as awesome gameplay. Awesome mix of action and stealth and the atmosphere and the story OMG!

I know people have different tastes, but this is one game where it boggles my mind how someone doesn't like it.

This is quality at its finest, and if someone doesn't like it, I'm sorry, but they don't deserve to be a gamer.

Veneno1947d ago

Unfortunately this game will be lost on many, dumb people. Like my brother.His favorite games are CoD and AAssassins Creed. I told him how amazing this game is and he said he'll pick it up but I really don't think he'll understand it.

GmrsNewsNetwork1947d ago

I would have to disagree, it does have a 'slow' pace at the start. Just because it is taking it's time getting you engrossed into the world, doesn't mean anything bad. Just for some they only like fast paced games and many might get turned off by the initial hour or two of the game.

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ltachiUchiha1948d ago

Great review. Loving every minute of the multiplayer which I believe Naughty Dog has almost perfected. All they need to do next with the next TLOU sequel is add more modes & I believe it will be the best of both single player & multiplayer. Im so addicted to it. =]

Booyah1947d ago

Haven't tried the MP, trying to finish my 2nd run on hard ^^

ltachiUchiha1947d ago

Im playing it on survivor mode & its pretty freaking extreme & dying like a mofo but still loving every momment of it. The multiplayer will prolly need to be played for a few days until u can get the timing down because its really a strategic multiplayer. My advice is to stick with a team mate & dont run all over the map because your only going to get killed. Stick with a team mate & just help as much as u can but learn at the same time where items are & locations the enemy is coming from. I know a guy who is a beast at rushing but we ran into a team that stuck together in pairs & my boy was getting killed everytime he ran out there because they would lure him in & while he was having a face of with the pair, the other 2 would flank him & we couldnt do anything because he would just run off thinking he can rambo his way against any team. Now he knows that. Team work is a big part of the multiplayer. Amazing game & underrated multiplayer. Ppl just need to give it a chance.

Veneno1947d ago

One thing that really dissappoints me about the MP is the lack of interesting character clothing items. Its all meh. But the game play is indeed wonderful and creative.

GmrsNewsNetwork1947d ago

Yeah or even a custom character. I would have enjoyed seeing a personal avatar with the game.

GmrsNewsNetwork1947d ago

They are releasing DLC so maybe a new mode to the game? Hopefully lol. I agree and find the two multiplayer modes very similar.

ltachiUchiha1947d ago

I dont blame them because if u look at how much work naughty dog put into this game its hard to everything u want into the multiplayer aswell. I think compared to uncharted multiplayer, i am digging the last of us alot more because everything feels fresh & unique. You know its good because it only has 2 modes and alot of ppl love it. I just hope with dlc they will add a horde mode with the infected. That would be beast.