Let's Play Pokemon Yellow Version Part 6

In DigiBytes' sixth episode of Let’s Play Pokemon they say farewell to the S.S. Anne and travel to the Vermillion Gym and face off against LT. Surge and his dreaded trash can puzzle. Afterward they do a bit of research and before they know it they find themselves heading for Rock Tunnel.

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Blastoise2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Gotta love Surge. Has you rummaging in bins before you fight him lol.

TongkatAli2037d ago

Memories. Love in this one you get Bulbasuar, Squrtile and Chamander. Best Pokemon game ever.

cpayne932037d ago

My favorite was gold and silver. Nothing beat taking down the elite four, then realizing you had all of kanto to explore. The night and day system was awesome to, unlike anything I'd experienced in a game up to that point. Every pokemon game after it felt like steps back compared to the second generation.

TongkatAli2037d ago

I can agree with you cpayne. That was the game i got a shiny Seel which i heard the chances of getting shiny Pokemon were really rare.

Zichu2037d ago

Loved this game so much as a kid. They really should have remade it with FireRed and LeafGreen...

Pittoo2037d ago

There is a movement on Twitter trying to get this remade for 3DS.

GreenRanger2037d ago

It's the only Pokemon game I didn't play.

Couldn't find it anywhere.