We Got Change Microsoft Saw The Light

The Tyuno Project: "On June 19, Microsoft made an blockbuster announcement about their new Xbox One. Microsoft have finally listen to their fans and realized that they were in serious trouble. So it’s easy to say that every gamer are rejoicing. "

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o-Sunny-o1971d ago

Or they listen to how many kicks in their sides from Sony.

1970d ago
imdaboss11970d ago

m$ is despicable company..They dont listen to their fans or gamers out there..only did it because ps4 preorder was number one at every retail store..they learn the fucken hard way not to spit on gamers face around the world.. Just like hiphopgamer say we true gamers can make you disappear..

Mounce1970d ago

Anyone who believes that Microsoft 'Changed' for the good of the industry or for the good of their consumers or for gamers are blinded and idiotic.

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Saints941971d ago

They didn't really see the "light", more like a "huge fire"... then again, they could see a light from a fire :3

smashcrashbash1971d ago

What they did is announce this to see how everyone would react, pretend that they are sticking to their guns and then seem to give in so deluded people would say 'See Microsoft is not so bad after all.They love us and saw how we didn't like it and it was because we complained and Microsoft listened'. And deluded fanboys will run around cheering that they got their way when they were being manipulated from the start. And if you protest and still say anything bad about them people will attack you and say 'They changed it, that is all that matters' and tell yo to shut up in hopes that you will forget all the things Microsoft said post change about they aren't going to change anything and blaming everyone from the media to the gamers about complaining too much. And if you protest further the 'It's just business' excuse that rolls out to explain every underhanded thing MS does.It always just business when Microsoft is doing it. Everyone else is evil and underhanded.People take about Sony using misdirection? That is Microsoft's middle name.

hellvaguy1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I guess Im not "everyone". I wanted DRM so I didn't have to consistently change discs. Would have been nice.

punisher991970d ago

What that has got to do with it? Every PS4 and xbox1 game will be available for download.

hellvaguy1970d ago

You cant download the full until over 1 year after retail. Plus digital copies are always more expensive (never understood why).

punisher991970d ago

"You cant download the full until over 1 year after retail."

Are you sure? I thought they were supposed to be day 1 downloads. Must be just for some.

alittleshakey1970d ago

All games available on disc and digital on day one. Also for the same price.

morganfell1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yes, you would have your DRM and the entire industry would have begun to try and force it at every turn. For games, for music, for movies.

The developers bellyaching over used sales need to take a reality check. Nowhere are these so called "arteeests" being held accountable for their crappy titles. Not where it matters - at the register.

Publishers dump millions into marketing and fool buyers about the true nature of the game. And then the consumer is shafted with a bug riddled $59 piece of trash.

There is already one form of DRM in place. It is called "You can't sell this crap game for what it cost, only what it is worth".

No devs are screaming then about the unjust loss of money. Maybe they would like it if class action lawsuits started nailing them to the floorboards.

I would gladly accept DRM if they were held accountable for every time they decieved the public. But no, they want the rules to apply to others which they refuse to accept for themselves.

A great game with replayability is the best defense against used game sales. If you can't build titles like that, well, the world needs ditch diggers too. A great many more developers need to accept the truth that they have no creativity and are not cut out for this business.

As regards the DRM mentioned above, it is beginning to look like Greenberg and several MS spokesmen are now trying to cover the facts of the original family share plan.

Sooner or later the truth will leak out and they will look the worse for it.

Foxhound9221970d ago

I believe you meant *constantly. But anyways, you're willing to give up your rights to video games based solely on the fact that you don't have to get up and change a disk? That's kind of sad. Murricah'

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NameRemoved00171971d ago

They tried to do it so I have lost the little respect I had left for Microsoft.

Nes_Daze1970d ago

Yeah, saw the light, after using Windows 8 and buying a 4GB Xbox360 (lol), I'll think twice before buying another MS console.

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