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'If this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles made one thing clear it's that we've got some serious first person shooters in the pipeline. Titanfall looks to be one such title. We looked on as hours-long queues built up around the EA stand on the show floor, filled with games industry insiders all itching to get an inside look at the game. That speaks volumes in itself - there's a huge buzz around this game.'

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HurtfulTimez1970d ago

hmmm looks decent but i cant help but think its just call of duty with mechs and i absolutely hate cod now... so im a bit sceptical for now but will keep an eye on this

NewMonday1970d ago

it has the next worse thing in FPS since quick-scoping

6DEAD6END61970d ago

Damn cant wait for a PS4 release.

headblackman1970d ago

last I checked, games is what it small about and if the games is the deciding factor than the Xbox one destroys everything by a very large margin. the ps4 fanbots dont want people to focus on the positive changes and the the amazing games/exclusive games line up along with all over the killer extra features that just makes the ps4 look ordinary. of course the ps4 has some pretty decent base hardware specs but its limited to just that. there are articles surfacing that the ps4 can also do clout processing when this is not 100% accurate and very misleading. it takes a massive amount of server and computing power to make this all possible and we all know that Sony has never had this benefit ever and nor can they afford to have it, so it still stands that Microsoft will accel in this point again. the Xbox ones hardware is setup to take on massive multitasking, but the way the cloud is setup with the Xbox one is so the cloud computation will do most of the work for the Xbox one. so specs like ps4 specs are not needed. and with the power of the cloud plus the power of the Xbox one makes the power of the ps4 look laughable. this is just one of the many advantages over the ps4 that Sony fans actually understand and fear. that's why their mission now is to try to deter as many potential Xbox one fans and adopters as possible, because they know that when the system releases and everything is experienced and known to the public of the many things that creates value to the gamer as well as the average entertainment consumer, then it will destroy the ps4. its only a matter of time. times a ticking. games,really good base hardware,the best and the most features,the best online net work,cloud storing/sharing/streaming/and cloud processing which will push gaming fidelity to its limits,the best controller,the company with the financial means to seal the exclusive deals that the games want and deserve along with bringing new innovation to its console and a lot of times exclusively to its console. there are just way too many benefits to owning an Xbox one over a ps4. especially now with the correction of restrictions. anyone that says otherwise is just foolish and is not a gamer. they are loyalist/fanbots.

HurtfulTimez1970d ago

Say what you want about games but this gen ms started well with the exclusives then they dried up. xbox had gr8 games in the first 1-3 yrs of its lifetime then it went pear shaped, halo, gears, forza.

After playing geow2 halo 3 and reach forza 2,3,4 over and over as thats all xbox had to offer, i got tired of their sequels which felt more like dlc add on content instead of a new game, i got bored and moved to ps3 because their range of exclusive games were 2nd to none.
So for gaming sony wins it hands down for me the variety of exclusives and genres of games destroy xboxs and my xbox and ps3 collection proves it with 9 xbox games 5 of them exclusive while my ps3 has 38 games 19 exclusive and thats not including the digital games i have for ps3 so when it comes to games sony destroys microsoft.

kent800820071970d ago

bother to tell us how cloud computing actually works on the X1 then? If it's such a killer feature why hasn't MS revealed a single piece of information about it? For all we know those "massive amount of servers" you speak of probably exist somewhere in la la land

DirtyLary1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

If this makes you sleep better at night.

Silly xbot conspiracy theories.

BlackTar1871970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

halo man,

Please let us know how many more games xbox announced then ps4?

Then you can go ahead and link us to anyone but mS and its very close STUDIO that says its not just smoke and mirrors.

How can a community get bold faced lied to about DRM and not possible system built around it. Won't go back on our policy etc. etc. and still give of all companies MS the benefit of the doubt? I mean how is it possible for people to be that hard headed.

Its dumfounding and thinking about it throughly provides me with a loss for words.

yes sweet ill get an xbox one too cuz i just like games but anyone who believes them or respects their intentions towards a consumer market needs to get their head out of ground. The writing has been on the wall for MS for 20yrs. Its just down right amazing

headblackman1970d ago

me personally I was OK with the whole DRM feature because none of the issues would have been an issue or problem for me. I can't get upset about something that would've effected Joe blow. I also saw the concept and massive change that Microsoft was actually going in even if your simple mind couldn't. but being that you've got the screw face and attitude I'll help you simple minded ass understand what they were trying to do. first off let's just say that unlike Sony, Microsoft actually sees the bigger picture in this rivalry/business adventure. for some odd reason Sony believes that Microsoft is its only competition, when this is insane thinking. Microsoft fully understands that entertainment is its competition, so that puts anyone in the entertainment businesses in Microsoft's sights as a competitor (Nintendo,Sony,ouya,Samsung,ap ple,lg,vizio,Motorola and the list goes on). so with that said, there will let's take a look at the competition as far as the video gaming industry goes. we have Nintendo,Sony,android devices,iOS devices,pc,and steam. OK now the best way to challenge your opponent and beat him is to fight them at their best game. nintendos best game is its gimmicks,songs best game is its blu ray, androids best game is its multitasking abilities, iOS best game is ability to get the developers its return because of its iTunes checks and authentications,PC,s best game is its hard advantages, and steams advantage is its cheap games pricing. now all of these features are and have been answered for and in favor of the Xbox one except the steams cheap games pricing. this is where the DRM was going. it was going to be implemented to cut the extra middle men out to the distribution could be all in house with no overhead, which also meant savings that would've passed down to the gamers just like with steam gaming. games at the same price as steam or cheaper would be the only way to compete with steam. but its all ruined now, than to the ignorant/blind/cheap ass/ so called gamers. you literally f*cked yourselves out of the potential steam game pricing for the Xbox one. Of course this is analytics at its best but we'll never know now, the good that Microsoft could've done for the gamers via competing on the steam level. but the sad part of it all, is that the so called bad features of DRM really would've never been a problem for over 80% of the people on this site crying about it. but here is another crazy thing, Microsoft fixed what you asked them to fix and your still crying like little period having b*itches. if you've already made up in your mind that you're not going to get the Xbox one, then why are you on sites even commenting on it at all. your decision has already been made. let others have their own opinions about the Xbox one. they don't need your help deciding. or could it be that you fear a turn around and game changer with the DRM correction on top of the much better games line up over Sony? sure its 100 more, but the value in it is azing with all of the extra amazing features and capabilities of the console that really makes the ps4 look ordinary and rather bland. I'd rather get more for my money and Microsoft will give me that and more with my choice of the Xbox one.

BlackTar1871967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

what a sad response. Good try.

I still need the links.

You basically wasted everyones time. Move along sheep.

I really bet you were a ps3 is to expensive person too. Bet you didn't see that value.

A huge huge huge huge huge huge amount of people do not go via itunes btw. They are also setting up scam business models to entice more purchases .

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glenn19791970d ago

fuck I cant wait im pump now

game_infected1970d ago

Only amazing thing = giant mechs .hope titans be customizable like loadout ,body size ,color and also vynils!

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