If You Haven't Pre-Ordered An Extra Dual Shock 4, Do It Now

According to what GameStop is telling customers, the PlayStation 4 controller may be in very short supply for the new console's launch. Pre-order ASAP!

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Relientk771998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Yeah I saw something on here previously that said the Dual Shock 4 might be in shorter supply than the console. So I have Dual Shock 4 preordered from Amazon already, along with the Killzone Bundle

MultiConsoleGamer1998d ago

Good advice. Already taken care of my pre-order.

o-Sunny-o1998d ago

I got an extra one pre ordered too just for the heck of it. ^~^

Soldierone1998d ago

Being GameStop said it, does it have anything to do with their bundles including the controller instead of PS Plus like Amazon?

I will be fine with one controller for the time being. I don't think there are any offline two player games coming at launch anyways? Maybe Killzone, but thats about it?

rainslacker1997d ago

Probably just there to pad the preorder numbers for their associates. Has a console ever released with too few controllers? Associates get hours based on the number of preorders they take. I got one just because I knew I would want one, and they're pretty cool at my GameStop.

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The story is too old to be commented.