Amazon Changes Xbox One’s Release Date to November the 27th

Earlier today the release date of the Xbox One on its listing was indicated as November the 30th. Just now it changed to November the 27th.

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NameRemoved00172039d ago

Its just a placeholder until they give an official date.

Abriael2039d ago

And why would they change placeholders?

NameRemoved00172039d ago

Speculation. Theres sites that have Novemeber 14th as the Ps4 release date. Does that mean its coming out the 14th? No.

Abriael2039d ago

@hdshatter: it may, or it may not. What's for sure is that Amazon must have had a reason to change the date. How solid that reason is, your guess is as good as mine.

Godmars2902039d ago

My guess is sometime in October actually.

NameRemoved00172039d ago

Battlefield 4 does say releasing October 29th for ps4 and xbox one lol.

indysurfn2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Am I the only person that caught this?
Okay at the start of this Microsoft fooled people by using terms. Like LEND(should have been check out/check in) lending. Now they are being successful by using the term:
"offline game". Did you catch that, if you install a "OFFLINE game" then you will not have restrictions, that is the condition.

What defines a "OFFLINE game" What if only one game has the label of offline game on it? Most likey candidate would be a turned based rpg.
Heck what percent of games don't have a component of online on 360 games right now? Microsoft almost required it with few exceptions.
If there is a term "OFFLINE game" as a condition. for you to not have to get online.

Then that is a out, for Microsoft to change nothing! Don't trust a company that keeeeeeeeeps making pot shots at your rights. And keeps adding names like "OFFLINE xbox one games", to fool you, otherwise they Fooled you twice! Are you going to let that happen?

Microsoft qoute:An internet connection will not be required to play OFFLINE Xbox One games....If they where not trying to fool you it would

read:An internet connection will not be required to play (any) Xbox One games. see the difference? I don't care if it drops to 199 It is still

taking away my used games rights!!! plus as I pointed out the DRM issue is conniving explained to fool us? This is what Microsoft meant by

they will make this CLEAR. (MORE TRICKY) so if they dont make a offline box like they have a online multi player capable box on the back of the disc it is okay to still drm you to there hearts are content!!!

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FamilyGuy2039d ago

Maybe it has to do with the day of the week it falls on?
November 30th is a Saturday, I highly doubt a console would launch on the weekend, the 27th, a Wednesday, is a lot more likely.

Jdash242039d ago

Playstation, PS2, and PS3 all released on a Saturday in the US.

itani2039d ago

Amazon this, amazon that.....

DragonPs42039d ago

The best online retailer in the world.


The day before thanksgiving no way, thats traveling day

RE_L_MAYER2039d ago

Guess they had problems with fish not swim out of the way

KrisButtar2039d ago

its likely going to release a week before Black Friday to get the all the core fans outta the way for the shopping season.

ginsunuva2039d ago

Sony should wait till MS announces a date, then Ps4 should come out the day before the completely overshadow it.

RE_L_MAYER2039d ago

Thats what a lot of people I talked to think they trying to do-waiting game and microsoft knows it so they just gonna drag it out

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