PS4 game title pre-order sales conquer top 10

Game title pre-order sales for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 4 conquered the top 10 game sales at Best Buy Co. Inc.’s online division due to strong demand.

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remanutd551950d ago

Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall will be mine on launch date.

Tony-A1950d ago

Battlefield 4, Killzone and Watch Dogs for me. Thinking about getting Ghosts, too.

Aleithian1950d ago

Same here. Think I'll skip Ghosts though - the dog is too gimmicky for my taste.

indysurfn1949d ago

Am I the only person that caught this?
Okay at the start of this Microsoft fooled people by using terms. Like LEND(should have been check out/check in) lending. Now they are being successful by using the term:
"offline game". Did you catch that, if you install a "OFFLINE game" then you will not have restrictions, that is the condition.

What defines a "OFFLINE game" What if only one game has the label of offline game on it? Most likey candidate would be a turned based rpg.
Heck what percent of games don't have a component of online on 360 games right now? Microsoft almost required it with few exceptions.
If there is a term "OFFLINE game" as a condition. for you to not have to get online.

Then that is a out, for Microsoft to change nothing! Don't trust a company that keeeeeeeeeps making pot shots at your rights. And keeps adding names like "OFFLINE xbox one games", to fool you, otherwise they Fooled you twice! Are you going to let that happen?

Microsoft qoute:An internet connection will not be required to play OFFLINE Xbox One games....If they where not trying to fool you it would

read:An internet connection will not be required to play (any) Xbox One games. see the difference? I don't care if it drops to 199 It is still

taking away my used games rights!!! plus as I pointed out the DRM issue is conniving explained to fool us? This is what Microsoft meant by

they will make this CLEAR. (MORE TRICKY)
This could just be a feature on the back of the box. so if they dont make a offline box like they have a 'online multi player' capable box on the back of the disc it is okay to still drm you to there hearts are content!!!

torchic1949d ago


what? don't over stress yourself.

the safest route is to just buy a PS4, no confusion, no BS. let the people who willingly want to make a mistake buy an Xbox One.

Jaqen_Hghar1950d ago

The same titles a man picked!
1. PS4 KZ Launch bundle (a year of Plus which extends a man's sub to late 2015)
2. Knack
3. Dualshock 4
4. Playstation 4 Camera

NumOnePS3FanBoy1949d ago

Same here. Knack KZ:SF and WatchDogs and I'll probably buy the Drive club PS Plus version at a discounted price

Roper3161949d ago

you don't buy the PS+ version of Drive Club you get if got free for being a member.

I just hope that all the free PS+ games won't be stripped down versions like Drive Club.

jonatan2211948d ago


You can't really expect Sony to be giving out full PS4 games right off the bat. I think it's smart to give part of the experience so that way people can decide whether they enjoy they game and decide to buy it later (or hopefully they have a discounted single player)!

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Aleithian1950d ago

I'll see y'all on multiplayer.

Sitdown1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

News is just not what it used to be.....and it's real sad.

Has BUNGIE mentioned what the extra ps4 features for Destiny will be?

manny1up1950d ago

WATCH _ DOGS enuff said !

310dodo1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I paid off my PS4
but have no idea what game to buy

I want FIFA 14
but all my friends are getting COD Ghosts and I dont really want it lol

damn friendships

310dodo1950d ago

I wish I could.
gotta buy Xmas gifts for others as well haha

XabiDaChosenOne1950d ago

I got a PS3 and BF3 and all of my friends have a 360 and COD, fcuk peer pressure!

310dodo1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I did the same with BF3 as well.
But I caved in for Black Ops 2
gotta say friendships grew stronger with CODing

NumOnePS3FanBoy1949d ago

Yeah that whole "My friends have it so I'm basing my decision on that" is really a dumb decision because they would miss out on a lot of great games.

Jaqen_Hghar1950d ago

Don't bend to your friends' bad taste. A man suggests showing them enough of BF4 or KZ Shadowfall to get them to pre-order those instead (not like they can't change it at this stage).

XabiDaChosenOne1950d ago

I tell my friends all the time unless they are going to buy me COD or a 360 I ain't biting!

kamakaz3md1949d ago

who gets fifa 14 on launch day, unless ur rich n can afford every launch game... fifa wouldnt be worth the power of sony

310dodo1949d ago

EA put in alot of effort.

Ignite Engine. 3D crowds. Deeper Franchise, create a character etc...

Research before you bad mouth

kamakaz3md1949d ago


Hicken1949d ago

You'll find plenty of new friends on Killzone.

Look out for clan CGYS: Come get YOU Some!

We'll be there at launch.

TheLyonKing1949d ago

BF4! Think the online community will be more mature and better.

310dodo1949d ago

Battlefield just as bad
I played Bad companies and BF3 online from day 1.

Battlefield fanboys are no different then COD fanboys.

My friends are not "online" friends
I actually see them in real life
Cant just ignore them and what they buy LoL

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