Respawn promises to create a good PC version of TitanFall, distribution platforms not decided yet

DSOGaming writes: "As we’ve already said, TitanFall looks like a pretty interesting title. After confirming that its debut title won’t be exclusive to Windows 8, Respawn Entertainment revealed that it does not plan to settle with a crappy PC version of it."

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Mikey322301998d ago

I just hope it comes to PS4 shortly. or i hope it ends up sucking and fails so that i don't miss out on a good game that would require buying a $500 console that i dont want. :)

NYC_Gamer1998d ago

That's real selfish to wish a game fails just because its not available on your console/platform of choice

Mikey322301998d ago

Only as selfish as the developer taking exclusivity for money.. greed? Its actually relative.

No_Limit1998d ago

It's not greed, it is the power of the cloud. Because of Sony financial situation, selling buildings to help them stay afloat, they just don't have the $$$ to run 300,000 dedicated cloud servers for developers to take advantage of the next big thing, the cloud. That is why Respawn, Insomiac, and Capcom make their games Xbox exclusives because it just can't be done on the PS4. That is the truth.

Rivitur1998d ago

^How do you explain 360 release then its money believe it.

john21998d ago

they did not rule out a PS4 version, though they claimed that right now they are focused on the PC, X360 and XBOne versions

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1998d ago

Outkast32: Sorry this game wont be on PS4 cause Ms said it needed the power of the cloud so the ps4 could never run it.. heck my 2k pc wont be able to handle it... how do i get CLOUD ON PC? ..anyone?

DeadlyFire1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Cloud is already on the PC.

OnLive, Gaikai(OWNED BY SONY, PS4 compatible), OTOY(TBA), Agawi(Microsoft/NVIDIA partner), and so on.

Sony owns Gaikai which is a cloud platform. Coming to the PS4 in 2014.

Microsoft is using custom software SDK offloaded to Agawi Cloud servers. Sony could do the same on their platform as well with no real changes to the current structure they already have setup. Microsoft's console is just a little weaker and they want to use the Cloud as a marketing tool to make people believe its stronger than the PS4.

Also EA games are always multiplatform. Titanfall is shipping to PS4 in 2015. Respawn is a small studio they claim they want to start small so they get the game right. Understandable to me. Metro, and Witcher 2 did PC, X360 exclusive deal for the same reasons really. Now Metro Last Light is multi and Witcher 3 is also Multi.

Unicron1998d ago

Give it 6 months - 12 months. It's EA. It'll be multiplatform.

Ace_Pheonix1998d ago

Not to mention all this drivel about the "cloud" is just PR speak that is bought and paid for to make the X1 appear better than it actually is. Exactly as you say, it'll come eventually. And I won't buy it then, either.

Tapioca Cold1998d ago

This is the game I want. I'm surprised to se all the Sony fanboys NOT mentioning it in their anti- microsoft posts. They seem to avoid it at all costs. It's the ONLY card microsoft has at the moment but it's HUGE!! This game looks great.

I'm a Sony fan and will really be upset if it doesn't come the the playstation. I'm not gonna justify spending over half a grand to play a game though.

That's 500 for the box + 60 in tax + 60 for the game + 60 for the gold account. What's that come too? Ouch!!!

Game looks awesome though.

We need to start pressuring EA to release this on PS4.

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impet251998d ago

Its obviously coming to origin wich blows.

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