CulturedSoda: Last Of Us, are you going to play it? Or ar… Nah you’ll play it.

CulturedSoda review of the excellent Last of Us on Playstation 3

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Transporter471945d ago

Amazing game, love the story so far and multiplayer is a blast : )

PositiveEmotions1945d ago

Im not into those type of games.

1945d ago
Hydralysk1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I love how everyone immediately tells him how wrong he is to not want to play the game they do.

He never even said it was bad, just that he wouldn't play it.

BREAKING NEWS: I won't be playing GTA 5. Feel free to tell me how horrible a human being I am because of it.

MysticStrummer1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

@Hydralysk - He can play what he wants and so can you, but if you go out of your way to comment on a game you'll never play you should expect disagrees.

Where did anyone say he was a horrible human? If anything they seem sad for him.

Hydralysk1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

The title of the article is a statement saying you will play The Last of Us, he says he will not play the last of us, it's a valid comment to make.

I'll never play Killer Instinct or Street Fighter because I don't like fighting games. If an article comes out titled "You will play KI because it's awesome" I'm definitely allowed to poke my head in and say this article's title is wrong.

In response to you're second point, yes no one said he was a horrible human. That was a deliberate exaggeration based on the mocking tone of Classy's post.

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Inception1945d ago

*looking at positive avatar* Sorry mate, naruto isn't that good anymore and One Piece (always) rules.

PositiveEmotions1945d ago

Im actually reading one piece manga right now lol..

And into games like ninja gaiden where you fight a gang of enemies pretty much hack ans slash type.

AznGaara1945d ago

People SHOULD play this game. Don't really care if they end up liking it or hating it, its a experience that every gamer should... experience lol.

duducus1945d ago

Does it count if I watch someone else play it?... :|

HammadTheBeast1945d ago

Sure. Its that good. Unless they play completely different from how you would.

josephayal1945d ago

best game ever made, only on PS3

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