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Spencer of Ghost Volta: "As a story alone, Joel and Ellie’s adventure is one worth experiencing. As a game, the tense combat and adaptive AI is so carefully crafted that it’s wonderfully deep without bombarding the player with a million different mechanics."

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tristanwerbe1946d ago

This game deserves anything from a 8 to a 10

G20WLY1946d ago

IMO an 8 doesn't cut it. I'm VERY impressed - hype aside - with this game, so 10's are to be expected, with the odd 9 where people review harshly, or go into it determined to be unimpressed.

Even then this game will win them over, it's THAT good.

G20WLY1946d ago

Then tell me: 2 examples of 9s and 2 examples of 10s, as not much has come before this game that is better IMO.

I've played all the big hitters on all formats since pong (lol). I'm not easily this impressed and don't favour brands/developers - this is milestone stuff!

I do agree that an 8 is a good score and would be well worth playing, but I think this deserves all the praise it's getting.

Sizzon1946d ago

I just finished it, I probably give it a 9.5, not a perfect 10 because Ellie's AI was bad sometimes and got in my fire line or just ran into bandit/hunters without them noticing.

But overall an amazing game/experience, bring on The Last of Us 2! :)

Allsystemgamer1946d ago

Perhaps playing during that 20 year gap? it the first of us?

Lovable1946d ago

Dafuq? lol

Anyway, I don't mind if they continue the story or move on to make another franchise.

Although, tbh, I would definitely welcome the same stealty gameplay they added. It's so brutal and sooooooooo gooood...

Raccoon1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

So you take away .5 because of ellie's AI bumping or running into enemies.... I easily ignored that aswell as when they would run right past clickers.

I focused on the overall experience, plot, setting, and the amazing detail to emotion. Now me being the main character is the one thing i really worry about because their fate is my hands, if I run into a firefly or clicker i will die and that alone made me forgive that little AI Issue that could be solved with a patch...

If you're searching for perfection in a video im sorry to say you will never find it and what ever game you think is perfect is simply a matter of opinion, the way i judge games is based on overall experience and quality and THE LAST OF US experience truly delivered with rising stars and for that its entitled to my 10/10.

Sizzon1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Yes I do, The Last of Us is still one of my favourite games, it's just the AI. Breaks the whole feeling, but The Last of Us is still a masterpiece, can't wait to playthrough it again!

ltachiUchiha1946d ago

I agree but its not as bad as some reviews make it to be. I find ellie alot more helpful then not helpful at all. She guides me from my blind spots that i cant see & at the same time i worry about her because i actually care for her. A good example is RE4. How freakin crappy was it having to escort ashley from harms way? Prolly some of the worst ai ever but it didnt stop it from being a spectacular game, thats how i judge TLOU. Those are minor issues which can take away from the game when trying to hide but if naughty dog just made the ai spot ellie everytime she was not hiding, either u or her would die so much from a clicker that it would simply make the gameplay frustrating. Bioshock Infinite is another good example, as good as elizabeths ai was its just alot easier to create an ai that doesnt have to take cover & hide most the time & is why i give the edge to ellie because also the enemy ai in TLOU is on a whole other level compared to bioshock infinite's enemy ai.

ltachiUchiha1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Thats why I would give TLOU a 10 out of 10. Yes it isnt perfect but its prolly the closest game that comes close to hitting every single area from gameplay/storyline/ai/graphics , it just delivers an all around experience that u cant find in any other game. Thats why I think it deserves these perfect scores but i also can accept other ppls opinion, just aslong as it makes sense. =]

Ezz20131946d ago

@ltachiuchiha & @ltachiuchiha

glad to see you two agree with each other for change
I agree with both of you too

ltachiUchiha1946d ago


Lol sorry for that but i ran out of space to keep writing so had to add the last reasons using a reply to my other post lol.

Ezz20131946d ago

lol yeah I as just having fun :P

ltachiUchiha1946d ago


haha thats cool mate lol, cheers.

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Saksoy1946d ago

How late is this review?

tristanwerbe1946d ago

8 is a very good score but examples of a 9 are like Dead Rising 2,Final Fantasy 13, tens are like BioShock and Halo, Super Mario 64, Half Life 2, i would probably give this a ten though

HammadTheBeast1946d ago

I highly disagree with your 9's. FF 13 I'd give a 7 at best, and DR2 a 8.

tristanwerbe1946d ago

FF 13 is good just with a hard combat and DR2 is easily at least a 9

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