Titanfall creator explains lack of single player

Titanfall is a multiplayer-only experience. Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella told GamesIndustry International that keeping the focus on multiplayer battles was a deliberate response to player habits and studio size.

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BadboyCivic1944d ago

Single player for COD 4 was actually good

KillrateOmega1944d ago

All Ghillied Up.

Nuff said.

3-4-51944d ago

No your not....didn't they just say it's Xbox only ?

They said they couldn't do it on PC....soooooo

elhebbo161944d ago

@3-4-5 Its coming to PC, 360 and Xbone.

3-4-51944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

COD 1,2,3 & WaW, yea those Single player campaigns were really good.

All the modern warfare and Black ops campaigns are garbage though.

So all the WW2 games are legit.

We need a next gen WW2 shooter please.

dendenmooshi1944d ago

Ya, they really are good. They keep the suspense high. The only knock on them is that they are usually very short.

Mystogan1944d ago

Looks like the COD makers are ready to revolutionize the shooter genre..AGAIN.

Mr_Nuts1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Nothing in TitanFall looked like it was going to revolutionize anything.

It's basically COD with nicer graphics, mechanoids and a sci fi space setting. Basically what the real COD4 sequel should of been like in terms on improvment.

1944d ago
MidnytRain1944d ago

I think "a true sequel to CoD4" would appeal to good bit of people.

3-4-51944d ago

TitanFall is what COD probably should have evolved into had they not had yearly releases and tried to milk a once great franchise.

They wanted to evolve beyond same old and activision wasn't having that.

Transporter471944d ago

The Power of the Cloud!!!/s

I think they just prefer to concentrate on what they are good at which is MP so why waste resources on SP.

vickers5001944d ago

That's good. In the same way that many single player games don't need multiplayer, there are some multiplayer games that do not need single player, and this is one of those titles (for now anyways, I wouldn't mind seeing a campaign from them in the future when the team is bigger and much more successful, basically able to have the resources to do both without sacrificing content from one or the other).

MidnytRain1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Exactly. As soon as a dev learns that it can't please everyone, they can focus on their own vision of what makes their game fun. This was the way CoD started going anyway. The vast majority of CoD's target audience don't even touch the campaign. It's best not to kid themselves.

Subzero2001944d ago

this shit better be like $20

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The story is too old to be commented.