PS3 Claim Wrong, Nintendo Wii Online Confirmed As Free

There were many people who wound up confused after reading Sony's recent console comparison chart. After all, the chart stated that the Nintendo Wii online functionality will only be free for six months, which direclty contradicted reports from the Big N. Everybody can now breath a deep sigh of relief.

Gaming publication Total Video Games contacted a representative of Nintendo UK to clear this confounding matter up. A spokesman for the company confirmed that the Wii will indeed be free to play online, exactly like DS.

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bullet6183d ago

Poor SONY.....They just can't seem to make any statements without lying or pissin someone off.

eepiccolo6182d ago

Uh oh, does Sony really want a Libel suit?

zonetrooper56182d ago

I think Nintendo will deliver an excellent online service which may better the PS3's online service but Xbox Live is still the best.


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