I kinda hate my Ouya

Rus McLaughlin: I’ve had my fair share of controller-throwing moments, but the Ouya, the Android-based game console, marks the first time I’ve ever wanted to fastball a gaming device at its own menu screen.

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JeffGrubb1998d ago

Sounds like it was rushed. A lot of these things can be fixed, but will they -- and will it matter after this first impression?

caseh1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

To be honest Ouya just became somewhat redundant after E3.

Madcatz announced a simlar device however it will be based off a pure, basic build of Android. Unlike Ouya, it will have direct access to the Play store so it isn't dependant on waiting for devs to port apps to it.

On top of that, it was showcased with the Tegra 3 chipset however they announced the processer will be uprated (no doubt to tegra 4) prior to its release later this year.

So not only will the Madcatz variant have access to everything on the Android platform, it will also have the latest mobile Tegra processor.

kwyjibo1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

By accessing the Play store directly though, you're going to come out with a lot of games that just plain don't work on a big screen.

I think OUYA's value is as a streaming box, and not for native games.

NioRide1998d ago

kwyjibo with the access to the playstore it also means access to apps that will let you set specific locations of a touch screen for controller functions, I already do this with my ps3 controller on my memopad and nexus 7.

3-4-51997d ago

Ouya was an awful idea. People got really into their own ambition and thought that being positive and just believing was enough.

Initially it sounded cool.......initially.

The people involved with this suck though because they are selling snake oil and promising it does things it actually doesn't do.

Sadie21001998d ago

Apple's spoiled everyone, methinks. I just keep wondering why everyone else can't keep up with nice, user-friendly interfaces.

Bobby Kotex1998d ago Show
hellvaguy1997d ago

Apple had the opposite effect on me. Seriously dislike closed systems, way overpriced hardware and accessories, small cell screens, unable to change the batteries on anything, charging an arm a leg for software that's usually free on android.

Need I go on, lol? Still have a few more grips. Like they are sue happy....

Chapter111998d ago

Be glad you have one. I ordered mine in January and haven't heard from Ouya since. Its getting released in less than a week and I won't have mine for a month at least.

I'm not alone either, check the Ouya forums and Ouya's Kickstarter comment section. This thing is deep.

crazysammy1998d ago

I just got mine last week. I was really irritated that I would receive one only 2 weeks before retail when it was our support that made them what they are today. It really sucks you won't get yours before retail. That is unacceptable to me.

With that said the Ouya is what I thought it would be. Its not great, but not a piece of shit either. If I could go back I would probably not support it this time.

kma2k1998d ago

Ive been saying it for a whlie now if the next nexus 7 comes with an hdmi out option all these ouya & similar type products should disapear rather quickly. A tablet with native controller support, with hdmi output, & a seperate charger port is an oyua but can also be used as a tablet. There have been many of times i wish i could do this.

b_one1998d ago

nice, now ppl will understand how hard is to R&D console...

kingPoS1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )


And to think they're people that complain about not having having Steam like operations on consoles. [Facepalm]

It costs 'Mo-ney' to build & maintain.

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