Microsoft: Xbox One “Day-One” patch has “always been the plan” regardless of DRM change

Microsoft: Xbox One “Day-One” patch has “always been the plan” regardless of DRM change

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komp1972d ago

Never believe anything until it is denied.

Mikey322301972d ago

Am i the only who sees how Microsoft could just flip back its policy on Xbox one a Year or two down the road.

They could randomly just say we are updating Xbox One.. it now requires an internet check every 24 hours.
Then everyone who bought one at launch is screwed. lol

Mikey322301972d ago

Oh, and this day one Patch still Severely limits those without any internet connectivity, who just want a gaming console offline. They are still screwed?

Godmars2901972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

If the 360's install base is anything to go by then they'd have to tell a third of their install base which had to go to extended lengths to find an internet link and activate their consoles that they now had to do that on a regular, 24-hour, basis. That the update to make them do so would be on the next disk the bought.

If a class action lawsuit didn't follow, those people would be throwing their consoles out of windows.

darkslayer2081972d ago

still going to buy PS4 day 1 already preorered ...
but will buy xbox one untill the next Halo comes..

manny1up1972d ago

Microsoft is lying , you can still implement family plan via a PATCH . There's no assurance they won't just build up a big costumer base before they reintroduce the anti-consumer policies..Microsoft LOST consumers confidence , as a 360 owner am opting for PS4 .

bobtheimpaler1972d ago

They can't include the patch on a game disc?

They haven't even manufactured any yet. why can't this just be part of the firmware shipped with the system?

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MariaHelFutura1972d ago

Major Nelson
"We can't just flip a switch and turn off drm, the console was built around it"

Angry Joe Interview

CBaoth1972d ago

should we start referring to XB1 as "X360 version 3" since MS and Major Nelson consider the PS4 a "360 version 2"?

Why o why1972d ago

"We can't just flip a switch and turn off drm, the console was built around it" ...... unless the pre orders are so low we just have to change our approach" completed

Lmao......taking their own customers and potential ones for complete muppets.

Godmars2901972d ago


When did the Xbox 360 ever have a Blu-Ray drive?

Really does take some nerve to say that when they also said that things line HDMI and internal Wi-fi weren't needed, and they then added them to the system later. Followed after what the PS3 did day-one.

morganfell1972d ago

"We can't just flip a switch and turn off drm, the console was built around it"

And therein lies JUST ONE of the issues facing the Xbox. You do not take a system designed to function in one manner and then without hardware revisions completely alter its planned method of operation.

testerg351972d ago


Didn't original PS3 specs say 2 HDMI and games were going to be 120fps?

Also didn't Sony say that rumble in controllers were last gen, but then paid the license and added it the controller afterwards? I should know I had a launch PS3 and had to buy another set of controllers.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1972d ago

Wow, that Major Nelson guy is a major douchebag.

You knew he was pissed when he took the interviewer's microphone lol xD

Death1972d ago

The vast majority of games ran natively at 720p. The ones that ran 1080p were upscaled and not "True HD". HDMI was needed to jump from native 1080i to native 1080p. Development costs and time keep games from being true 1080p games. Blu-ray's only impact on games this last gen was the couple games that used multiple DVD's. If you thought those couple games justified the higher price tag and marketshare loss, I have a SegaCD I can sell you.

Why o why1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Sorry death. Most of sonys exclusives were over dvd <9. You may not appreciate the benefits but many multiplat devs had no choice but to develop with the lowest denominator in mind. Worst of all, the 360's media actually had less space than the gen before it. Why would any multiplatform dev want to lose out on all those potential 360 buyers. Dvd<9 held back some games for sure...not all but definitely some.

Godmars2901972d ago

"Didn't original PS3 specs say 2 HDMI and games were going to be 120fps?"

You mean the leaked specs before the official announcement? What about them?

Its the same as not recognizing that Sony was actively in a lawsuit over rumble, lost forcing them to put PR spin over not being about to include, then putting it in after settling.

To equate it with what's going on now Sony would have had no intention of including rumble from the beginning, put the PS3 out with it losing sales because of it, and then bringing it back as if giving into some "future" vision because of complaints.

testerg351972d ago

Godmars290, so Sony instead released a rumble-less controller knowing that they will be releasing a new one and that users would need to upgrade. So I had to buy a new pair. Sony didn't offer any exchanges from what I remember. Where as MS hasn't released anything yet which never affected users since it never existed.

Godmars2901972d ago

I'm saying that Sony didn't know if they could ever have rumble on any system they made ever again.

As for MS, not putting in or waiting for HD-DVD effected their customer's plenty. From people who bought the add-on, to others who's consoles bricked because of updates. Then there are the Arcade SKUs which didn't have HDD, that had to be bought separately. Even XBL because its something extra that people have to pay more for just to get basic features out of the console they bought. With most of its games multiplayer.

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THEDON82z11972d ago

This is the [email protected] I am talking about M$ is full of it, there integrity stinks (you cant fukn trust anything they say) Instead of just admitting it was a bad move they try to pull a PR spin. I am so glad I game on ps4, Sony even apologized and admitted that they had to do mandatory charge PS+(only multiplayer online portion) to keep there business model sustainable. Now that M$ was forced to remove that DRM shit it all of a sudden was the plan( give me a break). I would not be suprised if a few years down the line they bring that [email protected] right back. Simply because if it was truly gone you would not need a mandatory update on DAY1. Gamers dont fukn trust them M$ is a company that does not give a dame about your feelings, and they have a plan that simply got delayed.There monopolistic ways have been well documented in the pc arena, the simple fact is that arena is dying and now they are looking to control any arena that is open enough for them to slip into.

testerg351972d ago

Umm.. I thought all they said was that there was going to be a day 1 patch regardless of DRM stance.

WiiU had a day one patch and it had nothing to do with DRM.

I am guessing that if Sony had or does have a day 1 fw update you'll say Sony is always upgrading their OS because they care about the customers.

THEDON82z11972d ago

@testerg35=The difference is it is mandatory you can not play until you can connect to the internet simple as that....Which makes me feel like it not really gone just delayed!!!!

Garbanjo0011972d ago

That's just stupid! If they said "hey we have 2 options for you to get games, and if you don't like the one you can use the other." Seems a little hokey to me. If they said that there was 2 ways to get games, and only revealed one at day one, then why is it that they didn't talk about it sooner instead of trampling the whole damn thing to death? And taking away the idea of "family share?" it sounds to me like they wanted to move to all digital, pushed the idea out there, saw the outcry, and then said "alright, my bad, just kidding. Here is the real XBox One."

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maniacmayhem1972d ago

Didn't the WiiU have a day one patch?

Why the big deal and why are there multiple articles submitted dealing with the same thing?

Transporter471972d ago

The difference is that this is for DRM. WiiU was to patch a few bugs.

maniacmayhem1972d ago

Again, why the big deal and why the multiple posts for this same story.

They have a day one patch...who cares.

MariaHelFutura1972d ago

Kindly refer to comment 1.2


BitbyDeath1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

WiiU patch wasn't required to play games on the console. (Anyone could buy it and play it without ever going online or downloading the patch)

Xbone's patch is required to play the console as you need an online connection to turn off the online connection. (Not everyone has internet so for millions of people this console will be no more than a door stop)

maniacmayhem1972d ago

So then people without internet shouldn't get the XboxWon. Again, what is the problem?

BitbyDeath1972d ago

"Again, what is the problem?"

People without internet cannot buy it.
Which is roughly 30-40 million of 360's current install base.

maniacmayhem1967d ago

Something tells me that won't be a problem.