Nintendo "Fans" Are Too Apologetic

A large portion of Nintendo’s problems are actually caused by their own "fans".

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Benjaminkno1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I'm sorry?

I can't really say I've really ever had any complaints.
But then again I didn't really care for Ocarina of Time or WindWaker, so there's plenty of things they could do better.
If anything, there's never enough Nintendo. I think they are capable of making any game better, if only because they've been doing it for so long.

Yeah sure, more online gaming would be good, but I don't know if I like the idea of Mario being online.
I'm sure they don't care what we think as long as we keep spending our money.

An online StarFox game would be ideal...

R00bot1970d ago

Love the way you start by apologising on an article about Nintendo fans being too apologetic.

But in all seriousness there's not much that Nintendo would need to apologise for, apart from the game drought that we're currently in the middle of on the Wii U.

LOL_WUT1970d ago

"How could Nintendo possibly fix any problems if all the mishaps they commit are swept under the rug by their supporters? If you are one these said-people, news flash: You are not a Nintendo “fan”, you are an elitists or more accurately, an apologists."

Excellent article, Shokio really touched up on what i've been trying to say all along now if only more people went by this instead of being so gullible. If we can turn the X1's DRM restrictions around i'm sure we can all achieve to have a better Nintendo. ;)

Triforce0791970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Mariokart is Online so Mario is online,plus look at Beyonetta2 and Legocity they are the best in the series because Nintendo was involved,they can make any game better and all i can say is watch out for more 3rd party exclusives as it's looking like quality over quantity with WiiU just like te SNES days,even Moonlith says they can develop better bigger more complicated games because they have learnt alot from Nintendo and it's made them better for being at Nintendo speaks volumes.

RedHawkX1970d ago

you need to apologie for nintendo land, wii fit, and game and wario guys. worst games ever nintendo fans hype for no reason. rules should be you cant hype a game unless you spent 25-30 hours on it. this way no one would be hyping those game because they spent less then 5 on that lame crap. well some might have spent more because thats all there was to play on the wii u.

kirbyu1970d ago

Ok. Apparently no online multiplayer is as big a problem as the whole DRM thing.

I'll tell you why no one complained. Because no one thought about it. This is the first I've heard someone bring it up. No, there's a more likely reason. If no one complained, no one cared obviously.

The only complaint I've had recently is how SM3DW isn't the new SMG. Oh and how the SSB4 site won't friggin update. That's what people should be complaining about.

Trago13371970d ago

Nice plug there Shok :)

Foxgod1970d ago

Well, ..... i am sorry.

RedHawkX1970d ago

apologoze for the wii u hardrive size its freaking 16 gigabytes lol.

Benjaminkno1969d ago

You can get as much space as you want.
Internal storage is more expensive.
I'd rather pay an extra 20 dollars for an external hd than pay an extra 50 for extra internal hd memory

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