Non-Gamer Simplifies Xbox One Debacle For People Who Don’t Care

Non-gaming reporter simplifies Xbox One debacle on Fox News and receives a hilariously baffled response

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HyperBear1973d ago

OMG.....NOOOOO.....I have a headache now. God Damn Fox News!

I might be spit-balling here, but what do you think is the combined average IQ at Fox News? 1.5 perhaps??

komp1973d ago

lol. Well it certainly isn't 360 nor a 180. Maybe it is ONE.

xHeavYx1973d ago

I just realized that 180 is half of 360

dedicatedtogamers1973d ago

HAHAHA what horrible messaging! This is sure to defuse the issue, right? Right....?

It is news reports like this that are going to affect the One-Eighty for months after it launches.

"Um, the camera. It spies on you."

"Er, um. Some people can't play their new Xbox One because they can't download the Day 1 patch"

"What's a patch?"

"I'm sorry. I'm not a gamer"

3-4-51973d ago

I'd be willing to bet the highest IQ in terms of somebody on a Mainstream media show is about 95..

95 being the peak intelligence among these people.

95 isn't that smart....not retarded.....but not intelligent either.

jmac531973d ago

100 is average. Fox news anchors average around 85. Watching Fox News for 5 minutes or more reduces your IQ by 1 per additional minute.

BKsecret1973d ago

Lets be honest. Some of these things appear "common sense" to a common group.

But a lot of people out there know absolutely nothing about video games and the simple terminology associated with them.

Heck, I can talk to my friends about 8-core, 8GB GDDR5 RAM, DRM, used games, etc and most of them would know a thing or two about it. But if I were to ask non-gamers, typically adults/parents, they might not know anything especially if they have no prior knowledge to computers whatsoever. My sister wouldn't know either.

Can we blame them for not knowing?

NextGen24Gamer1973d ago

Sounds about right to me. A bunch of teenage boys or grown men who live in their mom & dads basement flood the internet and sites like this and cried about the DRM & always online and Microsoft changed their policies.

You don't have to be a gamer to understand what happened! LOL...

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Prcko1973d ago

“Hrm. Alright wait. OK. Huh? Alright. No. Yeah? Yeah. Ok.”

Blackdeath_6631973d ago

that was the most cringe worthy news report on video games i have ever come across

FrightfulActions1973d ago

Am I supposed to feel disgusted and insulted by the video? Because I kinda do.

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