Thank You For Sunday Releases, Nintendo

CCC says: "Thank you, Nintendo. By releasing your games on a Sunday, it’s allowed me to have the time to enjoy your titles.

Thank you for releasing Animal Crossing on the Sunday during E3 week. My first stop before heading to the airport for my 7 AM flight from Dayton, Ohio to Los Angeles, California was a Wal-Mart, where I picked up your game and played it on the plane. Though, out of every possible game in existence, playing Animal Crossing on day one for a five-plus-hour plane ride was an awful idea. Seriously, there was very little I was able to do. But who cares, I had Animal Crossing available all week long. I could fight the lulls and lines by checking in with my town’s villagers--all because Nintendo releases their games on Sunday instead of the traditional Tuesday."

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xHeavYx1945d ago

It would be even better if games came out on a Friday.

AznGaara1945d ago

Yeap, got must of my playthrough done over the weekend. Just beat it today. Great game.

jakmckratos1945d ago

SUnday releases are beats the weekdays sure but if youre going to establish a tradition why not Fridays or saturday releasesss

n4f1945d ago

thursday is nice. you call sick next day you have friday saturday and sunday.

tweet751945d ago

i agree friday would be the best take the game home play it on the weekend. Also it should be organized so retailers have them in stock ready to sell at opening time on release date. So often you have to wait 2 days or more. This would also encourage gamers to buy in stores not online.

TXIDarkAvenger1945d ago

Agreed, a Friday or Saturday release would be much better because you have more time to enjoy it over the weekend.

WeAreLegion1945d ago

Release them on Thursday nights at midnight, like movies. I'd love to see the two industries go head-to-head.

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