Why The Gaming Community Is Failing

Realizing that we are playing someone else’s story is not always the easiest thing to accept as gamers. Somehow we think that when we pay our money for the game, we are entitled to an experience we think is best. Never mind the fact that developers have spent years if not decades and untold amounts of cash to produce what we now have in front of us. We paid our hard earned money on this game, so it damn well better be everything we want it to be.

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Timesplitter142037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

What people think of games is always "in their opinion" by default even if they don't explicitly specify it. And they have the right to express their opinion even if the devs spent time and money and love on this game.

We don't have to put "In my opinion, ..." before every sentence we write.

And just because someone says they don't like a game doesn't mean they think the game was supposed to cater to their specific tastes in the first place. It just means they don't like the game.

Richard Cypher2037d ago

Wow so much text for not making any interesting point !

CrossingEden2037d ago

When does it end? When do we as a community stop being so elitist and privileged to think that every game we buy needs to cater to every single fantasy that enters into our brains? If a game is broken, that is one thing and I will be right alongside you flaming away to the developers to fix the issues. If a game ends in a way that I don’t approve of, well tough titty. I’m looking at you, Mass Effect 3 haters.
-this is a very interesting point and rings true, gamers now are whiny entitled brats who bask in negativity and constantly hate on everything that days show their face and not meet their expectations and then even have the audacity to call developers lazy, when video games are harder to produce then the biggest budgeted movies, it doesn't make an interesting point because it talks about people like YOU

Timesplitter142037d ago

I think you're taking things too seriously. Do you think people shouldn't be allowed to dislike games or... ?

Imalwaysright2037d ago

Bioware falsely advertised their game. They deserved all the bashing they got.

Richard Cypher2036d ago

Wow so much text for not making any interesting point !

I'm joking :p

Edward752037d ago

Great article. Some very good points throughout.

Philoctetes2037d ago

Terrible article. Yes, developers are free to make games however they want, and they're free to tell the stories they want to tell how they want to tell them. Just like how authors get to write the books they want to write and directors get to make the films they want to make.

And guess what? I'm free to criticize an author for writing a lousy book, and I'm free to criticize a director for screwing up a movie. If games want to be taken seriously as vehicles for artistic expression, then I should be able to criticize them accordingly.

For instance, the ending the Mass Effect 3 sucked. It made no sense, and it gutted the entire premise of the franchise in 15 minutes. Artistically, it was a complete failure. Contrast that with the ending to The Last of Us, which was brilliant. I'm not going to get into an argument on that last one since I don't want to spoil it, but that was the best ending to a video game that I've ever played, period.

And that's the thing. The same aesthetic sense that allows me to praise the writing, acting, and plot of the TLoU is the same thing that allows me to say unapologetically that the ME3 ending was shit. If you can't criticize games when they suck, then you can't praise them when they succeed. It's time to grow up.

Roccetarius2037d ago

The ''ending'' to Mass Effect 3 pretty much soured my entire experience with the franchise. Never have i been so dissapointed before, and never will they gain my trust again.

Bioware should just stick to games without choices, because in the end, it just ends up being meaningless in this generation and the next.

e-p-ayeaH2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

This article is taking things to seriously people´s opinions need to respected.

SonyPS42037d ago

Criticism is a part of creating a piece of art you want an audience to consume. A video game shouldn't be any different.

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