Kazunori Yamauchi on Track Design, Mobile Apps, Greenwood Roadway, and Bad Piggies

The Gran Turismo creator discusses his favorite iPad game, GT6 cars and tracks, and more.

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Fluke_Skywalker1948d ago

All I want to know about is the AI, that for me is the only thing wrong with GT5 (let's not discuss the standard cars) and it looks to be one area where Forza 5 is likely to piss all over it!

SoapShoes1948d ago

It's not like Forza has good AI either. I've seen many videos online with someone on Forza 4 just stopped on the track and the cars go crazy and even crash into the player's car.

Fluke_Skywalker1948d ago

I was talking about Forza 5 though with that new cloud AI pish. It looks like it could be good as it takes the info from real players and uses that for the AI. All I wantis for AI that actually tries to defend realistically when I try an overtake, or AI that actually tries to overtake me! Oh and doesn't brake 300 yards early even in the heat of battle!