Sony Calls November 13th PS4 Release Date "Speculation"

While Microsoft was more than happy to confirm at E3 2013 that the Xbox One would be releasing in November, Sony stuck with what they’d always said and just gave the PS4 a ‘holiday‘ launch in the US and Europe during their conference. - PSLS

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Relientk771948d ago

Nov 13th would be great

as soon as possible


Relientk771948d ago

Tomorrow sounds good lol

you hear that Amazon be at my house tomorrow with my PS4

Garbanjo0011948d ago

I want it now!!!! And some meatloaf!!!

stuntman_mike1948d ago

I'd be frothing at the mouth if it came out tomorrow (and skint).


is that Meatloaf the singer or the food?

I can just imagine the delivery guy pull up on his Harley carrying your PS4 to the theme tune of "i would do anything for love" straight to your waiting arms lol.

irepbtown1947d ago

If it came out tomorrow...

Tonight would feel like a century.

Anyway, I live in the UK and as long as our release date isn't too long after the Americans I'll be happy (wait, I'm already happy; Damn you Sony!).

PS3 was released March 07 here (Europe) and November 06 in the States. Wouldn't be surprised if Novemeber 2013 the PS4 arrives at my door in which the delivery man will be greeted by myself, I might give him a present because I'll be that happy.

Off topic of sorts: I still haven't pre-ordered a game yet, too many to pick from (Damn you Sony... AGAIN!).

Anarki1947d ago

They put an advertisement in the UK newspaper with a date of 24th of November.

ClosedUnknownz1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

I want it today so I can shut my "Xbox One is better" friends up and show them what REAL power the PS4 has.

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Steven211948d ago

My bet is October 17th. Sony would be brilliant to do this. They would get their first batch out to all the hardcore and be able to restock for Black Friday. If you launch too close to Black Friday then their out of consoles and aren't making any money because their shelves are3 empty. They'd be able to keep a steady amount coming in until Christmas and really be able to get a big jump over XBONE. Hell, they could even drop the price 10 dollars on Black Friday if hey launched in October and make an even bigger splash. M$would be dead in the water.

minialex1948d ago

I'll agree with Steven21 with October 17th. Isn't that the date that keeps popping everywhere on the signs in The Last of Us?

jobboy1948d ago

october 17th is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!
but i'm not from US.... i'm from Italy :(

cloak3651948d ago

I really hop not I get married on the 19th so wedding planning going on during that time I would get no game time lol

Steven211948d ago

@minialex Yeah! Naughty Dog could definitely be dropping some serious hints with that. It would be great if it happened. The October 17th would be great for the industry, Sony, and the consumer in mind. Hopefully they'll shock us all and release it then.

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AngelicIceDiamond1948d ago

That's pretty close to my Birthday, I hope so.

FamilyGuy1948d ago

October would be epic though.
That extra month ahead of the X1 would have Sony taking the people on the fence about which system they want right off.

Cryptcuzz1948d ago

I was thinking of October, well its actually more like HOPING lol, since I know it would not make sense to release it any earlier and I want it ASAP!

bicfitness1948d ago

If the 13th is accurate, NA will get it sooner, that is always the way. Licencing issues always hold up stuff in EU. But if Sony can get it out in Europe by mid-November, that means late October for NA, which would be killer. It would also allow them to get another shipment out for Black Friday after the initial allotment is gobbled up.

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LiinoMajire1948d ago

Yeah, I would love for that to be the date- if not sooner.

@Pimp: I want Frugals. If anybody even knows what that is. Lol.

The_Con-Sept1948d ago

I guessed 11/12/2013 a while back. That's what it should be so their add campaign can do a recount up to four by fading away the excess 1's with a bright blue 4 to the right that appears fist with the "PS" letters fade in slowly as the 123 fades out. Then fade in the console on the left. Then have the PSVita appear in the right for the subconscious mind to read it as PS4Vita. A.K.A PS4Life (Vita is better defined as saying "life.")

Then it would be an instant cult classic advertisement that gamers would totally appreciate seeing. :P

Hahahaha if only they could figure that one out.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1948d ago

November 8th or November 22nd. Calling it right now ;)

1Victor1947d ago

I Smell A Plot Twist Like The We'll Release Later Than The Competitor Comments And Then BAM plot Twist See The Future On February 20. This Time Sony Is Out For Blood And Microsoft Is The First On The Sidewalk.

TakahashiDemon1947d ago

Nov 1st would be great.

That's sooner than possible ;)

greenlantern28141947d ago

and since 11/13/13 was speculation than could you tell us a day please.
pretty please with sugar on top.

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Wedge191948d ago

Because it's coming out in October! Awh... I just realized ...Wishful thinking gets you no where... sad... Can't wait to find out the release date.

Cryptcuzz1948d ago

Dude I would have dropped kicked you if you said that in front of me! JK.

Not because I don't like you, but because I want it ASAP, not 2014!

killacal131948d ago

You are special alright. JK

specialguest1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

a little light-hearted trolling.

SilentNegotiator1948d ago

You think this is a JOKE?!? I don't know how much longer I can contain my friend Cryptcuzz here, buddy. You'd better watch yourself!


Cryptcuzz1948d ago

You heard what SilentNegotiator said about me so you better recognize we want our PS4 this year not 2014! JK.

Anymore soft trolling from you and I cannot guarantee he can be *Silent* much longer ;)

Yo Silent, let's roll out!

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Mikelarry1948d ago

stop teasing Sony and just tell us the anticipation is too much

KrisButtar1948d ago

Call of Duty launchs on Nov. 5th and Watch Dogs launchs on Nov 19th, its sometime around then

PurpHerbison1948d ago

Those dates could easily get pushed back.