Super Mario 3D World E3 2013 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

GameDynamo - "I've seen Mario dressed like a frog, a raccoon, a turtle, a doctor, and most recently a penguin and a bee, but in Super Mario 3D World he gets to turn into a cat! Well, him and the other three characters. "

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thomasmiller1945d ago

this game is gonna rock!!!

live2play1945d ago

I highly agree . I went to go play it at best buy. My wife is really looking to play more of it

iplayonall1945d ago

This game is gonna be same thing. Come on Nintendo I'm tired if playing Mario games.. TAKE RISK ON NEW IP'S

live2play1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

This troll comment is gonna be same thing. Come on Troll I'm tired if reading the same comments. TAKE RISK ON NEW TROLL COMMENTS.