Study: Action Video Games Improve Eyesight, But Not Memory

A recent study indicates that playing action video games can be good for your eyesight. Unfortunately, playing those games won't improve your memory.

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Cam9771973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

What an interesting, unique story! I can see why this would be, however, if you're after a superior memory then may I be the first to suggest Hitman: 2 on Professional difficulty? Each level has zero saves so everything has to be timed and executed to the second - the perfect memory test!

"All of this means that you can safely put anything in the Battlefield franchise on the same level with eating carrots "

Haha, brilliant!

The_Con-Sept1973d ago

Action games..... This is why I like RPGs. Ever played zero escape????? 999? Virtues last reward?

duducus1973d ago

I remember what to do in Legend of Zelda games after I play them once, sooo... does that improve memory? :P

Axonometri1973d ago

...and 3 months ago there was a study that resulted in increased memory. Next month games study will result in decreased vision.

camel_toad1973d ago

I'm still waiting on the study that says apples and water are bad for you.

PerryCaravello1973d ago

Well at least we know for a fact that playing too many games does nothing for your biceps.

Boom! That just happened.

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