Microsoft Backtracks On Xbox One Used Games Policies And It’s The Right Thing To Do

Microsoft has changed their stance with used games on their next gaming console, the Xbox One. They announced on their Xbox blog that there will not be a 24 hour "check-in" period required to play games and people will be able to buy, sell and trade in games as it is done today. Regardless of the loss of some features, this is the right move from Microsoft. - LazyTechGuys

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Software_Lover3260d ago

So, how long do you guys think these blogs are gonna keep popping up? Until November? Maybe even after?

darthv723260d ago

its the 21st century version of telephone. one person tells another and then that person tells another and so on and so on.

but each time it gets told, it gets changed until finally it comes back where some damn rabid mongrel (DRM) bit the owner and the owner had to put it down.

okay, that was a bit off topic but seriously.....

WilliamH3260d ago

This shit has to stop, half the stories here are now opinions from assholes and their desperation for hits to their tiiiiiny blogs.

3260d ago
skydragoonity3259d ago

Can we all move on before microsoft back tracks to their draconian ways again... You never know with microsoft.