Was the PSP too good to be true?

Darren Zenko from the Edmonton Journal says that the Playstation Portable never really lived up to the hype since the system's launch three years ago.

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Silellak4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

I play my PSP in "waves" - I'll go months without playing it, then play almost nothing BUT it for a month.

I guarantee that its potential as a portable emulator platform - if nothing else - means I'll be playing it long after I stop playing my 360.

xplosneer4511d ago

I do the same thing minus the emulator(for now).

gaffyh4511d ago

PSP is really great, I have both DS and PSP and the PSP XMB interface is so much better than the DS one. Like for example you can exit the game to XMB in PSP, with the DS you have to switch off the DS. Plus then you can't do anything with it on it's OS.

Also the games are not very good, there are a lot, but they aren't good enough. Zelda is by far the best game out and it's very good, and uses the touch screen very well. Most of the other games don't use the touch screen well (e.g. pokemon). Plus some of the best games are on PSP like Jeanne D'Arc, God Of War, FF7 (I'm pretty sure these rival boring old pokemon)

Brian52474511d ago

the best handheld. Period.

HighDefinition4511d ago

what does that even mean?


For everything you can do with it it`s a very impressive portable system, anytime i show the PSP to someone who doesn`t know about gaming, their very impressed.

Phil Harrison Mklll4511d ago

3 years old and it still looks hi-tech!;)

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The story is too old to be commented.