Microsoft's Vision Of A Digital Future Is Delayed, But Still Alive

GameInformer: "Microsoft doesn't have to abandon its digital future; here's how it can get there."

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Blankolf1972d ago

Digital is the future, but I sure hope it's not Microsoft's vision of it, I am hoping more of a steam like digital, or maybe a PS Plus vision of it, but Microsoft's Xbox Live discounts are god awfull if there are any.

Belking1972d ago

"I am hoping more of a steam like digital,"

It was like steam. Where have you been for the last few months?... It was gonna be just like steam with disc until it goes all digital.

Roper3161972d ago

steam allows you play your DL'd and installed games weather your online or not. Steam also doesn't set off a time bomb in your games that kills them if you don't log in within a certain time frame.

So NO they were nothing alike other than the digital distribution part, please get your facts straight.

darthv721972d ago

is no different than that of any other company with the same idea of digital distribution. they just jumped the gun and took the fall but the idea is still there.

It took some time before digital music and movies caught on in many major metropolitan locations. That doesnt mean the physical distribution channels are dead...people still buy cd's and dvd's.

That convenience of digital access is too great to simply ignore and each year more and more people get internet access so the idea of the full digital distribution age gets closer and closer.

There will be some resistance which is understandable. this past gen we got a taste on consoles of what the PC market has been experiencing for many years prior. the convenience of being able to download a piece of software to the pd direct instead of having to go to a store and wait in lines.

there will always be a preference for physical copies, especially to the collectors market, but in the end convenience generally has a way of surpassing traditionalism.

MS's vision is not that out of line from the likes of Apple, google, sony, samsung or any other company that envisions the day of people turning to their service as a way of getting what they want without the hassles of dealing with people who may/not be competent to properly sell the merchandise.

Blankolf1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Where did you read they were going to make 10% to 50% discounts on Xbox Live?

JokesOnYou1972d ago

"Reinstate family sharing for digital purchases. If Microsoft were to offer users a choice between owning a physical disc and being able to share games with friends family, I expect we'd see people gleefully fill up their hard drives with games that couldn't be sold or traded.The difference is in the communication. Change is scary, and the knee jerk reaction is often one of revulsion. Microsoft attempted to force sweeping alterations to how consumers view ownership in the console space without fully considering perception.The company can still achieve its goals of a digital future. Now, it can get there with gamers saying, "thank you" instead of "screw you."

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I_am_Batman1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

"Microsoft's Vision Of A Digital Future Is Delayed, But Still Alive"

Someone kill it quick before it lays eggs.

black0o1972d ago

no one is against digital .. all we want it is the choice between phy/dig and as soon as isp around the world lvl up to the demanding bandwidth we'll get there

Captain Qwark 91972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

it was all there actually. the biggest difference between steam and what ms was doing was the disc. nobody is up in arms over steam because they dont have disc which means no selling or trading and because of no physical copy and the drm can be much looser, nobody bats an eye at the fact that you cant sell your used steam copy. now with the physical copy you can just go around installing on a bunch of x1s making 10 copies out of 1 which is why the 24hr check in was needed. yes it could be 48 or even 72 but many games can be beat in that amount of time, hell even 24 is more than long enough. but its a double edge sword, if you keep the disc, those with bandwith limits can get that and install from there keeping them from hitting there caps so problem solved, the check in is only a couple kb so that wouldnt impact it. also with the disc you keep the retail chains in the loop. however by keeping the disc, then all the consumers now feel entitled to buy/sell that disc at their discretion and if you take that away, commence the raging as the consumer feels betrayed so that same solution becomes a problem when people fail to look at the picture as a whole.

what they were doing really wasnt as bad as everyone thought if you actually took the time to think about it...

-all digital, access entire game library from anywhere without carrying around your games
-discless after install
-use disc to install games if you have data caps
-sell disc with restrictions but the option to sell is still there unlike steam ( at least for now )
-share with family ( although apparently this was actually only a timed full game demo, still better than nothing and would easily give people an idea if they wanted to buy it )
-disc keep retail stores in the loop for buying/trading

-drm, 24hr or 1hr check ins / always online
-selling isnt as easy
-buying used would still be there, not clear how it works though.

to me, the pros were better. unfortunately the masses only seen "drm" and stopped there. they never though about the pros, never though about how they were actually effected by the restrictions on a personal level, they just seen that, then spun it way out of control

wicked1972d ago

@Captain Qwark 9, No it was full titles, You and anyone of the 10 family members could play at any one time.

I feel its a great loss and gaming is not moving forward.

s8anicslayer1972d ago

I'm telling you guys once they have a decent user base that always online and strict DRM policy will be back in place but instead Microsoft will use the "Developer" as the scapegoat as implementing these policies. Something like what they had planned and especially as firm as they once stood as their belief just does not go away! Buyer Beware!!!

miyamoto1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

M$ has no vision to begin with

It will always be a me too company

A sideshow phony

It has no genuine love or passion for an industry it did not help build.

All it wants is to take and take until it sucks up the gaming industry, destroy it and move on to other emerging markets bullying its way with its shit loads of cash.
M$ is the Unicron of gaming.

How can they let people who talk trash about video games Steven Spielberg and George Lucas make a movie about their own video game and insult gaming??? Bitter Crazy Irony!

Mark Cerny is a man of Vision Over Visibility.
That is why he created the PS4.
He knows where, when, how and why video games started and he knows how it grew, stumbled and crashed, and got up again. He was there with it through thick and thin.
He knows and cares how it will grow, mature, into a progressive, fruitful, strong, durable, productive, competitive but positive, entertainment industry.

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JsonHenry1972d ago

Digital is already here on PC and has been for a long while. MS's dream is not of a digital future but a future where your machine spies on you, reports back with daily reports, and you have no control or ownership of your purchases.

There is a big difference between a "digital future" and a corporate stranglehold on the consumer.

VoiceMale1972d ago

digital is the future for sure...xb1 should give incentive for digital gaming by adding benefits to ease people into having a game that cant be traded or resold..

price should definitely be among those incentives!!!

VoiceMale1971d ago

Another incentive should be that digital Downloads should release like 5 days before disc retail games

from the beach1972d ago

The plan probably always should have been to roll these features out over time.

Can't move too quickly or people get spooked.

MilkMan1972d ago

No sh!t?
Anyone who is anyone knows that this is what they are doing.
Say what the customers want to hear now. They stay hooked and when the times comes slowly roll out what we envision the future to be. Text book.
I learned this in my political science class back in college.

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