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NYC_Gamer2036d ago

The game looks like it was started on current gen

despair2036d ago

The demo was pre-alpha build I believe, people are too critical of the game based solely on graphics.

DarkSymbiote2036d ago

Well, it was supposed to be a next-gen only game...

I am happy this is coming to current consoles.

GrumpyOla2036d ago

Alot of games are coming to both gens. What will be the deciding factor to get the games on this or the next gen. I seriously doubt that the graphics or AI would be any different. Probably some iteraction with with mobile phones and tablets will be made availabe.

ziggurcat2036d ago

good for those who don't plan on getting the PS4 or xbone (at least not right away), but i'm just going to wait until the PS4/xbone version comes out before i buy any game that's coming to PS3/X360 as well.

Agent_00_Revan2036d ago

I figured this. But it's still on my nextgen radar. It'll end up being like Hitman: Blood Money, on both gens, but better on Next.

MonkeyNinja2036d ago

I thought it looked a little "current gen". Don't mind the graphics, but a little concerned that the gameplay will be too simple. Looks like the kind of game that's going to have a lot of hand-holding and things set up for the player (aka, made for casuals). I hope I'm wrong, really want to like this game.

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