Microsoft "prepared to lower price" on Xbox One next year - Pachter

The Wedbush analyst does think Microsoft "can fully level the playing field with Sony" leading into this holiday, however

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MooseWI1949d ago

That's when I'll consider one, and take a look at their exclusives. Third party games will be housed on my PC and PS4, the Xbox One will need a good exclusive lineup to make me THINK about it. And even then I don't want to pay $60 a year for online and $50 for ps4..

LostDjinn1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I don't know about how their lineup may change but I do know one thing: "We are confident that with six months of focused messaging, Microsoft can fully level the playing field with Sony, and we expect the Xbox One to sell as many units as the PS4."

That's six months of viral marketing spam for users to sift through. What has me shaking my head is that MS don't seem to be able to understand that more forceful marketing is only going to hurt them at the moment. People are sick of the shills and dishonesty MS are employing.

If MS have anything of substance they need to show it now. Some things that could help alleviate the tension may include -

Games running on actual Xbones would be good. BS PR spin on why incompatible hardware (that was massively more powerful than what they'll sell) has provided fuel to the flames that are killing enthusiasm.

Address peoples concerns about privacy. Telling people (via fanboys and shills) they're stupid when you've been caught mining skype calls does nothing to ease their mind. In fact it make MS look worse, as there is proof of their actions while they actively deny everything.

Hell, there are loads more (cloud computing being lied about, advertising becoming even more invasive, failure rates, etc) that hang over the system. Their only chance as far as I can see is coming clean and showing users how their system differs from others.

After buying a 360 at MS's last console launch I can tell you I will not be doing that again. In a few years when I'm sure they've got the design down I may though.

Edit: I had to add an "s" and an "m" (no, not like that).

RonRico1948d ago

"We are confident that with six months of focused messaging, Microsoft can fully level the playing field with Sony".
God bless! It sounds as if we're going to see a a sh*t load of XB1 commercials.

3-4-51949d ago

XB1 after price drop = $450

PS4 after Price drop = $350

They would have to drop $150 to match a $50 price drop by Sony.

They dug this whole.

DEEBO1949d ago

i was going to pick one up anyways but i can wait for them to lower the price.ps4 is day 1

Sanquine901949d ago

This guy talks so much out of his ass i cant believe him anymore...

PraxxtorCruel1949d ago

Yes but if I get myself a day one edition I get a years free Live subscription with it so whatever console price cut they make I'd end up paying it back with the Live costs. I'm not waiting, day 1 for me!

famoussasjohn1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

"Pachter" is all I need to see and know this is BS.

No way in hell will we see a price drop in a year. It took over 2 years for a price drop to happen to the 360.

Agent_00_Revan1949d ago

And Even if it does drop, I don't see more then $50 drop, Tops!

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