Still not getting Xbox One. Why Microsoft's U-turn doesn't impress me

"Earlier today, Microsoft did a complete 180 on the policies surrounding the Xbox One. According to Don Mattrick, President of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, the Xbox One will no longer require 24-hour check-ins just to be able to use your console. You can now play games without the internet, and are also able to use your games (Physical copies) in any way that you like. But what does that say about the Kinect being a mandatory piece for the system to even function? That wasn't even addressed."-PSU

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hazardman1944d ago

Because your a hater thats why you wont get one. Just like everyone that was crying over drm and everything MS. No matter what they do everyone still gonna hate.

bonafide7321944d ago

Thats not true the message Ms was sending was complete mess/ they were confused about their own message

miyamoto1944d ago

Sony set the DRM trap and M$ fell for it and got Xbposed.

And the hilarious thing about it is M$ thought they are doing the right thing. Talk about dumbells!

Ray1861944d ago

I'm a hater, your a hater, He's a hater, She's a hater, wouldn't you want to be a hater too?

hazardman1944d ago

Im no hater man...check my comments. Ive questioned MS decisions myself. But as a gamer it didnt stop me from supporting them just because i like some of their franchises and the new ones coming to xbox one.

I will have both consoles in my no hating here. Only hate on this site is from fanboys.

Wow that many disagrees..keep em coming!

Ray1861944d ago

Wow I'm old. Only 1 person get it?

MWong1944d ago

As a person who is just a gamer, I don't find any fault in this article. You might not like the article, but this piece is just stating the facts. I don't see the reason to call the writer a hater. Every last statement he listed was fact and happened.

It just baffles me how some consumers are so loyal to a brand that they will swallow anything a company puts them through.

Consumers (this including M$ Consumers) were upset about the DRM and other things. So if you want to say people are, "still gonna hate." Your damn right because M$ proved they don't give a damn about it's loyal customers.

S2Killinit1944d ago

exactly. Why would I buy their system? I know what they planned on doing. Microsoft is just a bad player and i don't like how they do business. I will not support them.

S2Killinit1944d ago

we just saved your butt, a thank you would be in order.

NihonjinChick1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

"If you don't want what I want, you are automatically nothing but a hater."

That's what I got from your comment.

pompombrum1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

His concerns are spot on, most who follow gaming enough to regularly check this site can see that Microsoft never cared about the core gamers who weren't happy with their approach. Two/three days ago they said they wouldn't go back on their stance but they underestimated just how far the hate would go and soon as it started to overflow into the mainstream media like Jimmy Fallon, they done a complete 180 in fear that it will effect their real target consumers.

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manny1up1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

is not HATE , but rather not trusting MS ... am a 360 owner & opted for PS4. it hasn't swayed my mind. There's no assurance they won't just build up a big costumer base before they reintroduce the anti-consumer policies..Microsoft LOST consumers confidence

ShowGun9011944d ago


They can go back on this whenever they want! I'm sorry, I still don't trust them... Most things they try to enact are bad for consumers, and sets a precedence...

They got their way on Live gold fees, now sonys doing it too... if all this crap had went through unopposed, in 8 years we'd have a PS5 doing it too... so glad they got slapped by the mighty hand of "lack of pre-orders"!

MooseWI1944d ago

A playstation blog site put this up. Of course they're going up be heavily for the PS4.

ShadowKingpin1944d ago

Just because we are a PlayStation blog, doesn't mean won't don't enjoy other companies gaming consoles.

S2Killinit1944d ago

in logic they call what you just did the Ad Hominem* fallacy. Your arguing against the person not the argument. I know, a lot of times the arguments are so retarded by biased individuals that there is no point, but I do feel that these guys have a point.

southernbanana1944d ago

It really doesn't matter what Microsoft does. People who are loyal to one company won't even consider another no matter what they have to offer. Fanboys, sheep, whatever you want to call them, will just find other reasons to say their preferred console/company is better. I am so glad I pre-ordered a PS4 and will be doing the same for the Xbox One tomorrow when I get paid. The games are what drive me to them.

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