Microsoft Removing Xbox One DRM Shouldn't Remove Key Features

Everyday Digitals - The benefits Microsoft touted as to why DRM was necessary shouldn't have to go away for any legal, financial or technical reason. Why not allow those that want to install their games on their hard drive do so and opt-in for 24 hr authentication...

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Ray1861948d ago

Gamers didn't go along with their plans, and they have to be punished somehow.

Anthotis1948d ago


Microsoft are just being vindictive and butthurt because it has now been made clear even to them that they were gonna screw themselves with their idiotic policies.

Septic1948d ago

Not this.

You want to have your cake and eat it at the same time. Welcome to the real world. MS are't being vindictive. This was the trade-off for removing the policies that people made such a noise about.

A-laughing-horse1948d ago


Are you one of those people that think their system or the company releasing it actually care about them personally?

demonddel1948d ago

@A-laughing-horse Sony cares about us

Why o why1948d ago

Sorry septic. They did not have to remove the feature. Why the silence from them. Sorry. This is Microsoft we're talking about here. They could still implement the family without having across the board drm. Sony achieved it so why can't ms. Sonys version was exploited somewhat but ms could still enforce a level of drm. . Just more excuses if you ask me, plus nobody was absolutely sure how the family share system worked.

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Wikkid6661948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Not being punished at all. DRM is now disc based... so there is no way for the disc to be in multiple places at once.

NihonjinChick1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

They could have done sharing as a digital only feature.

Now that I think about it, that would have been a better technique than forcing everyone to go digital. If you want people to go digital, give them better features with digital copies and let them ease into digital games by themselves.

This technique could have helped form their vision. It may take longer but it's better than trying to cram it all down the the consumers throat at once and change it all over night.

EverydayDigitals1948d ago

You know I do address that in the article. They could've done an opt-in approach for game installs/online check to allow you to play physical games on any Xbox One.

I'm not sure if its vindictive or just wanting all of this to be behind them but I think they missed any opportunity to make most people happy.

GameCents1948d ago

So remove the online check in but allow gamers to install games and play without the disc?
Family sharing however should make a come back, albeit for digital games only and not retail discs as it would be impossible to track whether or not somebody still owned a game or not.

DEEBO1948d ago

dude family sharing is just a hour-long demo.MS employee said it himself.after that hour you have buy the game to keep playing it.but it saves the spot in the game were the demo ends.they pull the article from n4g.

rainslacker1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

What's ironic is that this feature wasn't discussed much outside of those who were using it as a reason to validate DRM.

Now it's like everyone wants it, and the removal of it is either bad for those that said so before, or bad because it is a talking point for the console war.

I personally liked the feature, but never saw it by itself being a good enough feature to go along with the over restrictive DRM.

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falviousuk1948d ago

More stupid comments from fanboys, and backwater websites looking for hits.

deathstriker1948d ago

The article is hardly flamebait from what I read, and what's wrong with a site being indie? I guess you just want your articles from the top 1% of sites that are owned by CBS, Viacom, etc rather than people who simply have a passion for what they do and probably aren't making any money.

EverydayDigitals1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Thank you deathstriker! Not sure how the website is "backwater". I'm a writer and designer with nearly a decade experience in the video game industry. If there is something you don't agree with on you can address it here or on the comments of my website and we can discuss.

Just because you've never heard of something or isn't owned by a multinational corporation doesn't mean it's not good or valid.

Perjoss1948d ago

Microsoft the creators of the 360 have done a 180 on the console formerly known as the 720

Convas1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Eventually, I think MS will allow people to opt-in to the Cloud/Digital Upgrade they originally wanted for Xbox One.

But after all the backlash, they won't be forcing it back on anyone else, not after all of the negative attention they've gained. You take the good with the bad, mandatory DRM is gone, and so too are the "cool" features that you may have liked. #Dealwithit?

DEEBO1948d ago

i hope the game sharing is not one of those cool features this article is talking sharing was just an hour-long demo then you get the option to buy the game.someone took down the article of the MS employee ranting about MS doing the 180 but he let it slip out that game sharing was just a way to demo the game for an no it's not some amazing feature you would come to believe it was.

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