Mass Effect: Why Microsoft's U-Turn Is Not Good For The Industry

VideoGamer: "As gamers everywhere celebrate, and complain, about Microsoft's Xbox One policies, the complete switch may not be as good as it seems."

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lucidity1999d ago

Sorry, but there is no evidence that a "digital future" for consoles with Microsoft as the gatekeepers would benefit consumers in even the smallest way. If it could mean Steam-like sales or a drop in the cost of buying new, that would've been rolled out as a selling point. They would've charged the same as they always have because they can.

GiggMan1999d ago

Personally I'm surprised Microsoft bit the bullet and included a disc based option (Blu Ray) anyway. I know it had to sting a little.

Imagine if they would have went totally digital and couldn't back track.

Anon19741999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I just cannot understand this fantasy that if Microsoft had been allowed to go ahead we'd be better off.

Publishers suddenly making money off used game sales weren't going to gift that money back to the consumer in the form of lower game prices. They would have taken that money to line their pockets. It's how business works. It's just baffling that any thinking adult could have believed that fairy-tale.

And limiting competition to only "approved" used game retailers wasn't going to suddenly make it so we all received more for our used game trade ins. Since when has limiting competition in this way ever worked out in the consumers favor? What's more likely is that used game prices would be fixed across the board and even if I wanted to sell my copy of a game to you for a few more dollars, no dice!

Seriously, some game media need to stop acting like Microsoft was offering us a medicine for what ails us and we, the ungrateful, just slapped it away. If they can't see why these policies were anti-consumer in the first place or understand what even Microsoft figured out, that consumers weren't buying it, they need to rethink why they're even writing about the industry because clearly they DON'T GET IT!

This isn't about a digital future. This is about anti-consumer practices having been outright rejected. There's no reason they can't still work toward a more digital distribution future without screwing consumers in the process.

vikingland11999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Well we will never know now if it would benefit will we? ITunes,kindle and steam benefited.

UNGR1999d ago

"no evidence that a "digital future"". Wicked, more kids that don't do research. In 2012 the video game industry brought in about 15 billion, 8 of which where made in actual retail stores. That's a 22% drop from 2011. 5 billion was made through digital distribution which has been climbing about 8% every year. I'm sorry am I lacking evidence now? Or are you just to lazy to look? Microsoft was pushing for digital, doesn't matter what they do to emulate Steam, if PC, and Xbox did it digital would surely be making the most money. All it takes is the push from one console manufacturer, and everyone will follow.

rainslacker1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I think if they wanted us to believe that there would be more benefits to digital next gen, they should have started showing more of those benefits this gen. MS just tried to hard to force the issue, without ever giving us incentive, or even a show of faith, that they would go in a Steam like structure to digital.

Steam coming out and allowing digital sharing without a connection was pretty funny. Steam and MS seem to be polar opposites on the entire DD issue.

What's funny is that Steam is often held up as a shining example of how DD works, yet other companies try to change that and become the next big player in the market, instead of adapting and improving on the things Steam does right.

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UNGR1999d ago

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Fans need to STFU and stop whining when they get what they want.

ziggurcat1999d ago

i honestly don't understand these articles defending the policies that just got reversed.

people just like to complain, and this generation has been the worst.

it reminds me a lot of this bit from the simpsons:

UNGR1999d ago

That just makes me wish all of those immature nobs got aborted in the first place. This generation was the largest compilation of whiny kids to ever exist.

famoussasjohn1999d ago

Agreed. You can't have what you want, and then take the bits and pieces that were removed. Those features removed were reliant on the 24 hour check, as well as the inability of lending your disc to someone. This was the first step in the right direction for them in regards to these new policies. They seemed very dead set on leaving this policies in place and turning their backs against their customers.

They listened to what their customers wanted and they're getting scrutinized for it. What the hell do you guys want?

pain777pas1999d ago

People have to remember that everything has huge implications in the future. Everything you allow voluntarily will end up demanded of you in the future. What they want is direct access to market to you however, other companies have more nefarious plans including governments which are NSA swell as Microsoft.

NihonjinChick1999d ago

I hate when people talk all this crap about a digital future and how it needs to happen.

Why do others need to be forced into buying digital for you to enjoy it? If you like digital copies, buy them. That choice should be left up to the gamer.

I myself like keeping physical copies of certain games.

rainslacker1999d ago

Because we aren't allowed to have nice things if we disagree with them.:(

ThatCanadianGuy5141999d ago

I'm liking this U turn phrase everyone keeps using.Xbox U.

Sounds appropriate.

golding891999d ago

lol so before they complained about always online n drm and now that microsoft is giving the community what they want, they are still people whining? lol cmon that's just hate for microsoft now.

littlezizu1999d ago

Actually ppl not only hate m$ but are confused for some reason like:
1. what if they change policy again to drm after a year or x nos of xbone sold. The already showed they can't stand by their one policy once, what makes you think they will stand by this policy now.

2. M$ is all about money soon or later they will implement no used game trade policy.

3. soon or later Xbox live will be separate from cloud leading to more $.

golding891999d ago

lol "soon or later they will implement no used game trade policy" ?

How did you figure that out? is it fact?

where are your sources?

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