Xbox One policy reversal a "good first step," but Microsoft must now justify $500 price point

Microsoft's revised Xbox One policy is a "good first step," but the company must now focus on communicating to consumers why they should pay $500 for the system instead of $400 for a PlayStation 4, according to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia.

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Livecustoms1951d ago

Yes, just take away kinect and give a $399 price tag you idiots how hard can that be !

MariaHelFutura1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

The PS4 has better specs, proven exclusive developers, is smaller, is less expensive, gives you 50 games a year for playing online, has better f2p games, way more indie games, isn't watching or listening, doesn't force you buy the camera, less paywalls, isn't powered by a cloud computing dream, is ran by way cooler people who actually love gamers and on top of that... it just saved the gaming industry.

Belking1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

The PS4 has better specs---- specs are the same just different RAM and GPU for xbox-one is more efficient just like xbox360 over ps3.

proven exclusive developers---which means nothing since you don't pay for them

is smaller----which again means nothing

is less expensive---should be because it has less technology///xb1 has 3 operating systems, kinect,HDMI in, and built for cloud computing with dedicated servers

gives you 50 games a year for playing online-----which you have to pay for and those games are not free and you don't own them....with xbox you own your games.

has better f2p games----subjective

way more indie games---since when?

isn't watching or listening---neither is the xbox-one unless you chose it to do so. Privacy settings kill all that.

less paywalls---Not anymore, you still pay for something that used to be free. That's nothing to brag on

isn't powered by a cloud computing dream...only because they can't. They lack the knowledge or funds for their own cloud computing. Gaikai is not cloud computing

is ran by way cooler people who actually love gamers and on top of that----loves you so much they started charging you for online peer to peer. At least xbl is dedicated servers now. When they start giving away ps4s, then you can talk. Until then they want money just like MS.

it just saved the gaming industry----I don't think so. gaming industry existed before sony or MS. They didn't save anything. They just set the industry back so devs and publishers can continue to suffer because they they can't afford to take any financial hits. they need ps4 to be a hit or they are up S**t creek. That's why they didn't want to take a chance.

CyrusLemont1950d ago


You've just disregarded all the major points of the PS4 and twisted it into your opinion.

Specs obviously aren't the same you sad sod, GDDR5 is drastically better than DDR3. Their exclusives are actually games, not hybrid tv shows lol, and they are looking far superior to anything shown on Xbox One.
What do you mean size means nothing? It can mean EVERYTHING, it takes up a lot less real estate than the Xbox One which can be vital to people with small tables or desks. Those 50 games are a bonus integrated into their new PS+ system, where is that on Xbox Live huh? Who cares if you don't really 'own' them, they're digital, and you'll probably get sick of them by the time anything bad you've implied happens. And by then, you can probably get them dirt cheap anyway. Considering that Planetside 2 and Warframe are incredibly popular on PC, I'd say it's not really subjective at all to say it's better.
There may not be more indie titles than Xbox (if they even have any lol), but Sony have shown initiative and already have 9 indie titles coming up on PS4. I'd say they're going down the right path and will probably surpass Xbox.
You really think a multi billion dollar company like Sony would lack knowledge or funds for cloud computing? lol get real.
Not sure if you noticed, but PS4 is all about games and their focus and vibe on all of their advertising is just that. Xbox one on the other hand...
Sure it existed before MS or Sony, but they've streamlined it and allowed for a wider range of development studios working on large titles. If anything, Sony has just helped keep interest gained in the market, their PS4 preorders are already above their available supply. What does that tell you?


tigertom531950d ago

gddr5 is not crazy better 4870 is just under 8% faster than the 4850 at the same clocks. Since the only difference between the 4850 and 4870 (apart from the clockspeed) is the GDDR3 vs GDDR5 memory, the real world performance benefit of GDDR5 memory appears to be 8% on average. This is only one game, though. I wish someone would do a more thorough inverstigation of this.

EasilyTheBest1950d ago

No support for Kinect if they take it away, it will have the same support as Sonys Move.
I want Kinect it makes the X1 a different console to the PS4.
They will just go to $399 with Kinect mark my words.

Livecustoms1950d ago

How do you know the price will go down !? Microsoft have clearly said to IGN that their sticking with their $500 price tag

EasilyTheBest1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Livecustoms, they said they were sticking with drm too.. Oppps

CGI-Quality1950d ago

So what? Dropping features is very different than just dropping a price. Especially on a console that many have already pre-ordered.

NameRemoved00171950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

They can't afford a $100 price drop and keep the kinect but they can easily afford dropping the kinect and lowering the price to $400.

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dazzrazz1950d ago

@ Livecustoms

Apparently it is hard because this thing doesn't even turn on when PRISM camera is not connected :>

Mikey322301950d ago

They "Mustn't" do anything. They are a company who has their own strategy. If they choose a path that fails then it fails. They care about money. Let them figure it out.

DeathofSouls1950d ago

I'm very happy with spending $100 more ($40 with P4 camera) on what X1 gives me over the P4.

Dude Dutch1950d ago

Joined 10 days ago.............

DeathofSouls1949d ago

let me guess I'm a Microsoft employee huh?

Why would I be on the forums when I could just watch you on "kinect"

You people and your little foil hats are crazy.

A-laughing-horse1950d ago

There's a ton of features and exclusives for Xbox.

Dude Dutch1950d ago

Joined 3 days ago...........

A-laughing-horse1950d ago

Your point is?

I never had a reason to join the site and I've been reading it for years.

IBleedXbox1950d ago

i am ok with the price. i just want the kinect fixed

Dude Dutch1950d ago

Joined 28 days ago......

IBleedXbox1949d ago

what does that matter. it is just an account i been going here for years

IBleedXbox1949d ago

you joined 11 days ago. AND