In Next-Gen, Understanding Your Audience Is Key

From eGamer, "Foremost, I disagree with the idea of blind faith to one corporation be it Sony or Microsoft. The reality was, before the reversal of Microsoft’s policy, that Sony was offering a next-gen console at a more affordable price point without the hassles of the Xbox One’s DRM policies. For myself, and many core gamers, this is simply what we wanted from a next-gen console and it is exciting to have next-gen so near to us, as of E3. At present, I would consider both the Xbox One and PS4 on equal footing as contending viable next-gen platforms. Nintendo’s Wii U has not even made it to the semi-finals of this race for our wallets, and both Sony and Microsoft are the true contenders. However, there is a great deal of good will towards Sony and the PS4 at the moment, and Microsoft might be seen as flip-flopping on their policies in a Mitt Romney kind of way. But this is only relevant to the present stance on the consoles which will most definitely drastically change now with Microsoft’s DRM reversal, which is probably one of the major hopes of Microsoft’s PR department".

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Excalibur1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Exactly, M$ vision of Next Gen gaming hasn't changed, as long as that anti-consumer personnel and mentality is in place there, they will continue their poor business practices.

Sorry if it hurts your feelings but Sony got it right, give the people what they want at an affordable price and you will do well.

Start out of the gate with obvious anti-consumer greed and you will fail, bottom line.

Personally, I think M$ needs to step back and re-think their Next Gen strategy, I think a re-org within their company would be a good start, followed by a name change for the system and better consumer policies because at this point I honestly feel like the M$/Xbox ONE name is tarnished beyond repair, try again next year fellas.