Hey Microsoft. We want DRM back.

If you haven’t heard already, MS have back-tracked on their policies that previously blocked used games and required the Xbox 1 to be connected to the internet once every 24 hours. Surely this a good thing you might ask? Well, as it turns out, not necessarily.

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vishant1011948d ago

If there was some sort of indication that games were cheaper because of drm microsoft could have come off a lot better. imagine what could have been if they said games would be $40 instead of $60.

CaEsAr-1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I know right? They even didn't bother to give much details about the family share plan.

And no, we (gamers) don't want this BS.

NewMonday1948d ago

turns out the "family share plan" had a limit of one hour before stopping and getting asked to buy the game. that was the catch.

a glorified "demo" plan

Imalwaysright1948d ago

And to think some people were willing to give up their rights for that half-assed feature.

BallsEye1948d ago


That is simply not true. It has been said many times family members can play without any limits as long as they are online. If they go off game is blocked after an hour. Stop quoting guy from neogaff that was SO WRONG about his 100% sure e3 info.

IT WAS CONFIRMED IT'S NOT LIMITED TO 1H so stop spreaidng fanboy crap.

angryraptor1948d ago

Try this Link:
It appears that shared plan was more of a glorified demo plan. Just found this out myself. Makes me feel better knowing this as I perceived this as a great feature initially, but now not so much of a loss.

The_Con-Sept1948d ago

I don't think developers would want to take such a loss when it comes to dropping the price of new games.

Especially EA. Call of Duty 4 modern warfare is still 30.00 new.

otakukidd1948d ago


Actually they didn't. There was one very vague statement they made about it when they revealed there DRM plan. And couple of sentences which they said you could add anyone to it. The rest is just fanboy speculation. Developers would kill them if they did what people thought they were doing then same way they bashed Sony. Also that neogaf link is true. I was sceptical of the leaker at first but then he leaked everything Microsoft did at e3 4 days before it. So yeah credible.

creatchee1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

This whole "it was only one hour" argument only proves that people will believe a rumor if it serves their purposes.

The rumor was from an anonymous poster on an anonymous posting board. I could write my own. Anyone could. It doesn't make it true.

It could be true, but the fact that it is unconfirmable should be factored into the equation instead of the peanut gallery repeatedly quoting a rumor.

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The Meerkat1948d ago

That was the only strategy I could think of that made DRM palatable.

If they had done that then Sony would be the ones on the back foot.

But they way things are now I get the feeling MS have no idea how to drive their product forward, so I'll sit back and wait until I'm convinced they know what they're doing before I buy one.

hellvaguy1948d ago

I was looking forward to the of drm where youd never have to load your game discs again. Woulda been nice.

ashade1948d ago

there are no way they do that, i read somewhere who did some research said if they lower the game price (40$) their total income will lower by 10% which i think will hurt them more than get rid of DRM and keep the price at 60$

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SIRHC131948d ago

Is this the new trend? To reflect and act like DRM is what we actually needed?

matgrowcott1948d ago

The problem here is that the people who were complaining about DRM have largely said "Good move Microsoft, now get rid of Kinect and drop the price and we'll talk."

On the other hand, people who had pre-ordered based on features included in the Xbox One, now removed, are saying "so now what are we supposed to do?"

From a general standpoint, it seems Microsoft have done a good thing, but I think people are generally unsure if it's had an actual payoff.

BelieveinGhosts1948d ago

I was one of those people, i came back home at night to relax and catch up on the latest gaming news and BAM.....It hit me Microsoft have killed the vision of Xbox One.

Think about it, how can you spend hours on two big conferences during the Xbox reveal on May 21st and the E3 briefing and just totally chicken out of your Philosophy.

I couldnt believe it. Any way i believe that every thing happens for a reason. Surprisng now i took a second look at the PS4 and it is much more exciting to me. My only dissapointment is that Sony dont have many exclusives at launch and Infamous Second Son was pushed back till next year.

Instead of buying 2 Xbox Ones's like i planned, i think i will just get a PS4 instead.

iceman061948d ago

@BelieveinGhosts...don't worry, that is not the TOTAL exclusives list. We still don't know what the European and Japanese have in store for us at launch. Those bits will come at Gamescon and Tokyo Game Show as usual. All in all, there are supposedly 40 exclusive titles to be released in 2014.

mmj1948d ago

It's like the escaped kidnap victim asking to go back.

Veneno1948d ago

Lolololololololol! :D

theDECAY1948d ago

Seriously? All this back and forth from both Microsoft and people is getting annoying. Can't we just agree this DRM stuff seems pretty crap?

Cernunnos1948d ago

DRM is the consumers worst enemy. Kill DRM.

kayoss1948d ago

Steam and home consoles are two different things.
People who choose steam over console already know that they can not resell their games, lend out their games, or own the phyiscal game. THats a given and they accepted that fact. People who own consoles want to own the physical games, lend out their games, and resell their games thats why the console gamers out number steam gamers.
If you go with steam you have accepted DRM and the majority dont want DRM therefore they look towards consoles.

iceman061948d ago

Steam is a subscription service, Xbox One is a console with the features "built in". For most, they knowingly go into the subscription with Steam. For consoles, not so much. If MS had so many issues explaining it's console, then imagine what Suzy Homemaker would have thought once she bought the console for 12 y/o Jimmy? He doesn't really know, she doesn't really back to the store to trade.

jivah1948d ago

steam lets me play offline and lets me install games as many times as i want on top of which it is heavily rumored that valve is checking out ways to properly implement game sharing.

Hufandpuf1948d ago

@Kayoss He said consumers, people that use Steam aren't consumers?

@iceman Steam is not subscription based

@Jivah You have to log onto Steam first in order to use it offline

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