“Half” of Infinity Ward Thinks Call of Duty Dog Riley Should Actually Die, and He Might

Now that Microsoft did the epic (and just slightly hilarious) 180 on DRM, there are going to be a lot less memes about the Xbox One (who am I kidding? They still have TV TV TV and Kinect…), so Call of Duty: Ghosts’ valiant special forces dog Riley is going to grab a lot more attention from the resident trolls.

The problem, is that according to Infinity Ward's community manager there are good chances he may die.

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SSmoke1973d ago

So they can’t make a game worth of sh*t and now they are going to grab more attention for a sh*tty game by letting us know they might kill a dog? I think they should just tap out and say our games do suck but hey you know that one cool feature with the dog you like? Yea it was all for nothing..

Omran1973d ago

Maybe fish can die
ha ha ha !

marcoskids1973d ago

nah remember the fish will swim out the way before u can

mep691973d ago

Hopefully there is a fish on the front cover of the game, so when people try to pick it up to buy it it swims away.

3-4-51973d ago

@ om....They don't have the AI for that yet....we just aren't there yet. lol

Blacktric1973d ago

I'm pretty sure most people were aware that this was going to be the over the top military version of "Marley and Me" the moment one of the developers said that the dog was "someone" we "care" about.

Kran1973d ago

I distinctly remember one person in a video said the perfect ending for Riley should be that everyone dies and Riley is the only one left, as he badassly walks into the sunset.......... with sunglasses.... ok... the sunglasses part isnt what they said... but still ;D

Zichu1973d ago

May I change your ending slightly. Instead of walking into the sunset, he should be swimming and then fish should move out of the way when the dog gets closer.

Not only does it show off a good ending, but it also shows off amazing next generation fish AI.

Kran1973d ago

thatll make it GOTY for sure :P


CrossingEden1970d ago

holy crap i haven't laughed that hard since i watched this

karl1973d ago

i would buy a cod game if that were to happen

GiggMan1973d ago

I could care less either way. I just hope the fish get out of the way when I'm swimming by them.

Baka-akaB1973d ago

The drone ... er the dog , is probaly the only thing that deserves to be left standing from this

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The story is too old to be commented.