Xbox One U-turn: Why two out of five falls short

X360 Magazine’s editor talks about why he’s happier, but still not happy enough…

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Excalibur1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

For me the biggest issue was always the mandatory surveillance system called Kinect, which in turn adds $100+ to the overall cost of the console, followed by their draconian Used/rented/borrowed/DRM issue, then the 24hr check in and lastly game installs which now may or may not be an issue since last night's announcement, I'd like further clarification on that one.

The indie thing wasn't that big of a deal to me personally because I rarely bought any indie games but I know a lot of people that do so it is an issue none the less and really should be addressed.

M$ is moving in the right direction but they need to address Kinect and some of their other anti-consumer/Developer policies.

I also agree with the article writer, M$ needs to sack up and admit they were wrong at the very least, I personally don't need an apology, grovelling or anything of the like since they didn't do anything personally to me, I just choose not (and still don't) to support them any longer.