Opinion: My Eyes, The Goggles Do...Something

GodisaGeek: "Like many, I approached the Occulus Rift with a reasonable amount of skepticism. And why wouldn’t I? We’ve seen this before – pieces of hardware that garner critical excitement, right up to the moment we get the devices in our hands. The PlayStation Move felt like a complicated way to play the video games we love, more of something we had to endure than fully enjoy. The phrase “better with the Kinect” is nothing short of laughable. Exceptions withstanding, a lot of the industry’s approaches to immersion leave something to be desired.

The Occulus Rift is a game changer. Here, VR isn’t something that you tolerate, knowing that the gameplay would be better in its absence. No, VR is a genuine enhancement that may even render conventional gaming bland by comparison, if my hands on demo with EVR, a cleverly titled game based in the EVE Online universe, is any indication of what we can expect."

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Angeljuice2036d ago

Sounds better than I thought it would be.